IT Glue 2022 Year in Review

BY IT GLUE | December 08, 2022


A look back at our feature releases over the past year 


Thank you to our IT Glue community members for always pushing us to greater heights. In 2022, we accomplished amazing feats and rolled out some of our most exciting features and integrations to date.

The IT Glue product team focused on seven areas of innovation this year: Microsoft integrations, backup integrations, security, M&A, automation, productivity and features to help you get the most out of IT Glue.

Let’s take a closer look at them and the features released for each theme.


Microsoft is a popular solution utilized by IT professionals to manage users and devices. To gain full visibility into your IT infrastructure, the ideal scenario would be to consolidate all the information you have in Microsoft’s suite of solutions directly in your documentation solution.

To facilitate this consolidation and ensure smoother operations, we brought two more integrations from Microsoft’s suite of products to IT Glue this year – Intune and Azure AD. Along with Microsoft 365 and Active Directory, you now have a single pane of glass for your multitenant Microsoft environments.

  • Azure AD Integration – Automate and consolidate cloud, hybrid and on-prem multitenant user information from Azure AD, Active Directory and Microsoft 365 into one pane.

  • Intune Integration – Complete your device information with the new Intune integration for a consolidated view of your managed, unmanaged and mobile devices.


Having all your backup information in one place by centralizing its documentation helps you increase the visibility of all your data and reduces the risks it is exposed to in real time. It will also help you stay compliant with data protection frameworks and keep your business safe.

This year, we introduced three vital backup integrations to IT Glue:

  • Datto Continuity Integration – Ensure all your IT assets are protected by bringing in Datto BCDR backup details alongside the rest of your documentation. Easily determine the status, integrity and setup of all backups across protected and unprotected assets to quickly identify out-of-compliance issues and rectify them as needed.

  • Spanning Microsoft Integration – With the new Spanning Microsoft integration, you can view the last backup time, backup status and more for Microsoft Mail, OneDrive, Contacts and Calendar, directly in IT Glue.

  • Unitrends DR Runbook – Export a standardized list of all protected machines with the latest device data for maximum asset protection, so you can ensure no machines are missed or rebooted incorrectly.



Security is of utmost importance at IT Glue, and in 2022 we introduced four main features to ensure your data is safe.

  • MFA Enforcement & Password Policy – IT Glue made the decision to enforce mandatory password resets, multifactor authentication (MFA) setup and password policy for all user accounts in order to ensure a higher level of security for their environments.

  • Automated Account Backup – With the new API Endpoint and Powershell script, you can automatically schedule and export your account data and ensure there is an up-to-date, recent backup of your documentation available.

  • Vault for Quick Notes – We have added Quick Notes to Vault so all the sensitive information that you store in Quick Notes, like a bank account number or entry codes for a building, can only be decrypted with a user-specific Vault passphrase.

  • MyGlue Custom Role – IT Glue Administrators can now delegate administrative tasks such as creating a new MyGlue account for your clients, adding users, managing groups and resetting MFA to the IT Glue Creator or Editor roles.



Although mergers and acquisitions are increasing in the IT industry, bringing together documentation from two companies is a lot of work. Automatically connecting it all in one place allows team members to continue servicing clients without any interruptions.

  • GlueConnect Per User Permission – When you connect multiple IT Glue accounts via GlueConnect, you are now able to provide different permission levels for each technician to cross-support customers in multiple accounts with Per User Permission.

  • IT Glue Cross-Account Migration Service – Whether you have recently merged or been acquired by another business, the Migration Service will help you transfer your data as well as related items of existing assets, documents and users.



We believe that your tools should work for you, not the other way around. Our productivity tools are aimed at eliminating time waste and boosting efficiency. In 2022, we released two big features to help you and your team be more productive:

  • Bulk Security for Documents – Easily change security settings and permissions for your IT Glue documentation with Bulk Security for Documents.

  • IT Glue Checklists Enhancements – Manage repeatable processes by leveraging checklist standardization across all organizations while having the flexibility to customize checklists based on organization-specific requirements.



Your tools have to enable you to work smarter and should do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This is possible through automation – smart, automated documentation can be your anchor during times of uncertainty and help you maximize efficiency on a day-to-day basis.


Make the most of IT Glue 

IT Glue is an extremely powerful tool designed specifically for IT professionals and MSPs. With lots of customization options, available integrations and more, there may be features you are not aware of yet or are maybe just not taking complete advantage of. This year, we wanted to make sure you got the most out of IT Glue with the following features:

  • In-app Video Tutorials Page – Take advantage of everything IT Glue has to offer with Video Tutorials, which include step-by-step instructions and how-to details for various features and integrations. You can find this new page in the drop-down Help menu located at the top right of IT Glue
  • What’s New – We now share all of IT Glue’s news, features, updates and our product roadmap on a monthly basis under the What’s New page that you can find through the Help drop-down menu in the top-right corner.
  • KaseyaOne – This takes away the hassle of multivendor management by allowing you to log in, access support, and review your billing and renewal information from one place.
  • Cooper Insights – Whether it’s new or old features or integrations you may not have set up yet, Cooper Insights will guide you through your next steps help you make the most of IT Glue.

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