IT Glue makes documentation exciting

We hear this from partners a lot, and it really speaks to the heart of what we do. Structured documentation and relatable data are central to every IT service provider.

The excitement comes when you think about all the possibilities that IT Glue will open up for your organization. When your team is more efficient, you have more time to think big.

If you want to know a little more about who we are, and what we’re about, our core values exemplify the way we do business, and what we’ll do for your business.

IT Glue + Kaseya

Having pioneered IT documentation in the managed services industry, the acquisition of IT Glue allowed Kaseya to set a new standard for IT operations within the IT industry at large. Since Kaseya acquired IT Glue in 2016, IT Glue’s user base has grown from just 1,000 to well over 16,000 today. Its deep workflow integrations across Kaseya’s suite of products and with other core industry tools makes it one of the most widely used and depended upon IT tools around the globe. New game-changing features like Runbooks, Checklists, Vault, and new product add-ons like MyGlue and Network Glue have kept IT Glue at the forefront of IT documentation.

Kaseya’s Investment in IT Glue

Solution & Growth Investment:

  • Over 375% growth in total users
  • ~$50MM additional R&D investment, 1,625+ Software Releases, 90+ Major features
    launched, 35 new integrations
  • Key Additions/Features: MyGlue and Network Glue
  • Lowered pricing

Investment in People & Culture:

  • 500% increase in total IT Glue employees: 34 at the time of acquisition, 181 today
  • Two original executives serve on Kaseya’s leadership team: Nadir Merchant, GM IT Operations & Holly Pateman, SVP Product Marketing
We’ve grown from an innovative idea to a globally adopted solution that over 350,000 users depend on every single day.

Design Matters

User experience above all else. Quality and speed are paramount. Interfaces are fast, lightweight, and simple. Our products engage the user, stir emotion, and feel good to use.


Approach every situation with kindness and courtesy. There are no bad questions. Wear the lenses of others. Consider the root cause. Respond rather than react.


Smile, and have a playful attitude. Communicate with a sparkly edge, and sprinkle with humor, but always with a professional approach and respectful regard.


Process is the key to success. Follow, create and improve. Embrace the brilliance and convenience of self-service and continuous improvement.


Thoughtful evolution, introspection, and challenging the status quo. Through awareness and metamorphosis, reject obsolescence.


Actively develop and commit to personal growth. Become smarter, faster, and more powerful humans. Harness talent and create opportunities for personal and professional advancement through education and innovation. Engage with peers, lead by example.


Champion complete vigilance for the privacy and security of information. Show respect through accountability; responsibility assumed; and ownership taken. Transparently. Willingly. Effectively.

We’re obsessed with transforming IT documentation

Established in 2013 with offices around the world, IT Glue is used by over 13000 organizations in 70+ countries. Find out why IT Glue has won over 30 productivity and innovation awards since 2016.

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