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Find, track and know everything. Enjoy unmatched efficiencies, transparency and consistency throughout your organization with our award-winning, SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform.

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The simple & smart way to secure your clients’ digital footprints.
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Network Glue

Automate network discovery, documentation, & diagramming.
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Innovation Spotlight

As a Kaseya company, IT Glue is committed to delivering innovative features and functionality, designed to significantly enhance our
customers’ service delivery quality and workflow efficiency. Take a peek at some of our latest new features:

Released March, 2024

Smart Relate for Microsoft Users to Devices

Automatically link Microsoft Intune devices and Microsoft 365 users within IT Glue, eliminating the need for manually creating relationships between those assets. This enables instant visibility between users and their devices, accelerating troubleshooting and onboarding/offboarding processes.

Released February, 2024

SNMPv3 Discovery in Network Glue

Comprehensively monitor and document networks automatically with SNMPv3 support for a broader range of data and device information to help minimize risks and securely manage any IT environment.

Released January, 2024

MyGlue for Internal IT Teams

MyGlue is the key to secure password management, offering a simple yet robust system that keeps user credentials safe and easily manageable. MyGlue also serves as a centralized company hub, where all company policies and technical guides are readily accessible. This allows for streamlined team collaboration, smooth communication and resource sharing across departments.

Released December, 2023

Datto Networking Wireless Auto-Documentation

Revolutionize network management and speed up onboarding by auto-documenting Datto Networking wireless networks along with their access points and Wi-Fi credentials inside IT Glue.

Released June, 2023

Datto SaaS Protection Integration

Auto-document Datto SaaS Protection information for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services directly in IT Glue for complete visibility and protection of your managed IT environments.

Released May, 2023

1-Click AD Password Rotation

Reduce credential stealing and keep passwords fresh by easily rotating on-premises Active Directory passwords in IT Glue with just one click.

Released March, 2023

Datto Networking Integration

Auto-document all critical Datto Networking devices and contextual information directly within IT Glue for complete visibility into your entire IT environment.

Released January, 2023

Autotask Integration

Cut your ticket resolution time and streamline your workflow with auto-suggested IT Glue documentation and IT Glue checklists directly in Autotask.

Released September, 2022

GlueConnect Per User Permission

Provide IT Glue users with the right permissions to support customers across multiple different IT Glue accounts.

Released September, 2022

Workflow Integration with Spanning

Auto-document user protection information from Spanning directly within IT Glue.

Released August, 2022

Workflow Integration with Datto BCDR

Auto-document all critical Datto backup information directly within IT Glue.

Released August, 2022

Unitrends DR Runbook

Export a standardized list of all protected machines with the latest device data so you can ensure no machines are missed or rebooted incorrectly.

Released August, 2022

Bulk Security for Documents

Easily change IT Glue documents security settings and permissions by selecting as many documents at once as needed.

Released June, 2022

Microsoft Intune Integration

Auto-document all critical Microsoft assets directly within IT Glue.

Released June, 2022

Automated Client Creation

Easily create new accounts in myITprocess, Dark Web ID, BullPhish ID and Unitrends by leveraging your existing IT Glue Organizations.

Released May, 2022

Azure AD

Automate and consolidate cloud, hybrid, and on-prem multi-tenant user information from Azure AD, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 into one pane.

Released April, 2022

Cross-Account Migration Service

Migrate your documentation across IT Glue accounts while maintaining all asset relationships and folder organization.

Released April, 2022

Automated Account Backup

Automatically schedule and export your account data and ensure there is an up-to-date, recent backup of your documentation available.

Released March, 2022

MyGlue Custom Role

Enable IT Glue Editors and Creators to create new MyGlue account for your clients, add users, manage groups and reset MFA.

Released March, 2022

Vorex Live Ticketing

Create, view, assign, update and close a Vorex ticket directly in IT Glue.

Released February, 2022

myITprocess Integration

Automate technology assessments with the ability to search and link IT Glue Configurations and Flexible Assets directly in myITprocess.

Released January, 2022

Vault for Quick Notes

Vault any Quick Notes containing sensitive information as these can only be decrypted with a user-specific Vault passphrase.

Released July, 2023

Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

In addition to Microsoft 365 solutions, you can now also view Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive backup from Spanning alongside the rest of your Contact Information in IT Glue for a holistic understanding of your users' protection status.

IT Glue Copilot: AI Powered IT Documentation

Harness the power of AI to streamline IT complexities and unlock exponential efficiencies. IT Glue Copilot ensures your IT documentation is always interconnected and an accurate reflection of your IT environment. Eliminate hours of manual works with state-of-the-art automation and precision.


Structured Documentation

IT Glue provides a documentation framework that is utilized by thousands of partners, offering you the most trusted and optimal way of organizing your information.

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Relationship Mapping

Zero degrees of separation. Link related items together, so that all the information you need is at your fingertips.

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Secure Password Management

Secure your world with an immutable audit trail and next-generation password management engine, which is fully integrated and linked with all of your documentation.

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60+ Native Integrations

We have dozens of integrations with major PSA, RMM, BDR and other platforms, alongside our public API, making IT Glue the single source of truth for your business.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

With features like SOC 2 compliance, our secure password vault, access control, and more, you can have confidence in the security of your information.

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Automated Account Backup

Your information is the most valuable asset of your organization. With automated account backup, you will always have access to up-to-date IT Glue data. Never feel like you lack control and eliminate human errors in the process.

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IP Access Control

Add an extra layer of security to your valuable data by limiting access from suspicious sources. IP Access Control allows you to limit IT Glue access to a specified list of IP addresses or a range of IP addresses.

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Cross-Account Migration Service

Ensure no vital data is lost when migrating IT Glue accounts and benefit from efficient data transfer while maintaining all asset relationships.

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Automated Password Rotation

Never let your passwords to go stale and reduce credential stealing. Automatically rotate Active Directory, Entra ID and Microsoft 365 passwords in IT Glue based on your desired schedule or on-demand with just one click.

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Offline Mode for Passwords

Securely access your most sensitive and mission-critical IT Glue assets — your stored passwords — whenever and wherever you need them. Ensure seamless and secure password access, even during unforeseen emergencies, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations.

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