Simple. Smart. Secure.

MyGlue is the solution you’ve been waiting for to secure your clients’ digital footprints.

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MyGlue Features

MyGlue empowers your clients to effectively and securely manage passwords and documentation.

MyGlue MacBook Screenshot


The one-stop shop for everything passwords. Enable your clients to store, create, and maintain their passwords in a secure app. Yes, it’s time your clients say goodbye to sticky notes. Includes granular security permissions – set default permissions the way you want. The MyGlue mobile app gives your clients access to passwords, configurations, locations and flexible assets.


Empower your clients’ productivity and efficiency with an app that stores all their data, information, and SOPs in one easy-to-navigate, MFA-enabled platform.


Like getting things done? So do your clients. Checklists in MyGlue makes certain that this happens.


Don’t let your clients leave information behind. Instead, MyGlue offers them everything they need while on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android, complete with secure Touch ID, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication.

Chrome Extension

Enhance your clients efficiency. How? With one less login of course. The MyGlue Chrome Extension allows your clients to automatically sign into websites using the credentials they store in MyGlue.