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MyGlue is your collaboration-as-a-service (CaaS) portal—creating a direct line for meaningful collaboration with clients.

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Free your mind from
break-fix drudgery

It’s not good for your bottomline, and undermines your strategic value.

Did you know? Over the last decade, MSPs have faced consistent year-over-year increases in competition, and shrinking profit margins. Selling collaboration-as-a-service (CaaS) positions your MSP as a strategic advisor—giving you an edge over the competition. MyGlue can help.

MyGlue Features

MyGlue is packed with features, many of which you’ll recognize from IT Glue. From the password vault, to checklists, to the security features like audit trail, version history and SOC 2 compliance, MyGlue has everything your clients need to manage their passwords and process documentation. With the introduction of the MyGlue Help Center, sharing documents such as “How To’s” has never been easier.

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Discover what MyGlue
can do for you.

Empower clients to self-serve

End users manage their own passwords and can solve simple issues using read-only SOPs and other documents you share in the MyGlue Help Center.

Transparency with co-managed IT

You document a wealth of information about a client’s IT environment. It’s time to showcase this value and reinforce that this information belongs to them.

Secured client business data

Clients can easily create, access, and share documents and passwords with colleagues, all within a platform that is SOC II (Type 2) Certified.

Mitigate cyberattacks

Avoid hackers exploiting sloppy, dangerous passwords habits by providing a trusted, secure, and reliable password management tool.

How MyGlue Works

Simply sign your clients up for MyGlue, help them install it, show them the ropes, and let them take it from there.

Get the Latest News

The MyGlue blog covers tips and tricks on how you can become your client’s trusted security advisor. Check back frequently for new posts!


Our Happy Customers

See what our partners are saying about MyGlue!

Steve Chiu – President, Place One Systems

“MyGlue helps us secure and streamline how we communicate passwords and documentation to our clients. Clients no longer need to rely on insecure Excel files and sticky notes passed around the office.”

Alex Bass – CEO, CyberBytes

“We’re maintaining so much software for clients, and since we already knew how to use the functionality in MyGlue, it was pretty easy for us to see the value in adopting it as a password vault for our clients.”


Steven Zimmerman – CTO, TSTEC

“MyGlue has reduced the number of support tickets for password resets by an average of 50%. We recommend it to all of our clients, as an empowerment tool.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a client portal?2022-09-21T17:38:18-07:00

Businesses have been using various time-consuming modes of client communication such as phone calls and emails. A client portal is a solution that focuses on seamlessly collaborating with clients in the most efficient way possible. When you have a client portal, your clients have a safe environment to access the services and information they need from you. It is also completely private and secure. You can use it to update your billing, scheduling and service requests from your clients.

What does a client portal do?2022-09-21T17:43:28-07:00
Sensitive information that cannot be shared through emails or phone calls can be shared through a client portal in a safe and secure environment. For instance, you can easily share your invoices, service quotes, service information, knowledge guides, etc., through the portal. Most importantly, client portals allow you to track the progress of your service and other important metrics.
How does a client portal work?2022-09-21T17:43:45-07:00
You can set up a client portal that can be accessed through a browser or a mobile app. The portal comes with a central repository to store all vital information and collaborate with different stakeholders. The information entered here is consolidated so that all the parties concerned can operate with the same level of information. When there is a need to update information or adjust project deadlines, everyone in the account will get an update. This ensures your clients don’t have to frequently call or email you asking for updates.
What should a client portal include?2022-09-21T18:00:06-07:00

While there is no one specific answer to this, you must choose a portal with the best combination of security as well as ease of use features. The following features are a must-have in client portals.

  • Structured file access and management: A client portal is not a place where you can dump information. The information stored there must be structured and easy to manage.
  • Access control: This is a critical feature to ensure privacy and security. Only the right people should be allowed to view or access a resource.
  • Cloud-based: A client portal should also be cloud-based so that all stakeholders can access it from anywhere, anytime. This is a critical requirement to ensure seamless collaboration.
  • Customization: You should also have various customizable features in the portal including its dashboard. This provides easy navigation in a way desirable for your client.
  • Documentation and version history: A client portal provides valuable documentation to your company. It must have the right version history to identify the stakeholders who made changes. This is extremely important when working in a collaborative environment.
What are the benefits of a client portal?2022-09-21T17:44:57-07:00
There are several benefits to using a client portal to communicate with your clients. First, it improves collaboration with your clients by providing them easy access to vital information whenever they want. You can save a lot of time since there is no need to draft an email or call your client whenever there is something to be communicated. You can also save a lot of money since you don’t have to allocate additional resources for client communication. Most importantly, your data is always secure when you use a client portal. Other benefits like higher productivity and improved cash flow can also be witnessed.
Are client portals safe?2022-09-21T17:45:12-07:00
Client portals are much more secure than emails. However, they are still subject to unexpected cyberattacks. If you have concerns about having your data on the cloud, you can use a private cloud to make your sensitive information more secure. This way you can have more control over your information and who has access to it.
What is client portal software?2022-09-21T17:45:26-07:00
Client portal software is a software solution that facilitates interactions between service providers and their clients. You can use this tool to provide your clients with service updates, release plans, product information and other announcements. You can also use the software solution to share knowledge base articles, SOPs, how-to guides, DIY videos, pictures and other resources that can help your clients solve their issues.

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