NO & SE IT Group

NO & SE IT Group is a Managed Service Provider helping companies in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, USA. Despite having near complete documentation, their documentation was completely disorganized. Before IT Glue, their documentation was spread around multiple spreadsheets, word documents, and other siloed solutions. Watch the video to learn how IT Glue helped NO & SE IT Group bring order to their vast volumes of IT documentation.

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MicroAge is a leading IT solutions company with many clients across the globe. They wanted to automate and improve their quarterly client meetings to better manage projects, nurture client relationships and tap into new revenue opportunities. myITprocess provided them with a structured way to anticipate client needs, keep clients engaged and plan for the future. The solution has helped MicroAge conduct more technical review meetings and maximize opportunities for growth.

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Doc Tech

Doc Tech’s product portfolio consists of solutions for print, copy, scan, fax and multifunction copiers in Albuquerque and the surrounding region. The company also provides managed IT services, cybersecurity, cloud services and VoIP phones. The company’s staff has advanced training in networking to help solve their clients’ technical problems.

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Total Group International

Total Group International is an enterprise-level IT support provider operating in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas for over 20 years. The company specializes in providing IT support to various sectors, from recruitment to finance. Total Group International is an enterprise-level IT support provider with over 20 years of experience. The company specializes in providing IT support to various sectors, from recruitment to finance. After struggling with network documentation, the company decided to use IT Glue to take control of their documentation infrastructure.

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Lutheran Social Services of South California

Lutheran Social Services of Southern California is a non-profit organization that receives its funding through donations and grants. Due to this, they receive audit requests from various companies, government agencies, departments and more. They needed a way to keep track of everything so they could instantly provide documentation when other donors and grant organizations requested. In addition to external audits, the company also required documentation to perform everyday tasks. This is why they needed a robust IT documentation solution.

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InnoTek is an IT service and consulting firm based in Pennsylvania that provides high-quality technology services to small and medium-sized business organizations. With over 25 years of experience in this field, InnoTek is an industry leader committed to excellence. The company focuses on service delivery in five key areas: full-service desk, professional services, centralized services, vCIO and technology alignment review.

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PNJ Technology Partners

PNJ Technology Partners was building a reputation for impeccable customer service. However, as their business grew, they had to turn to more innovative tools to meet their ever-changing and increasing demands. It all became too complex until they turned to IT Glue, which helped them streamline workflows and consolidate their documentation. The rest is history.

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Centauri Health Solutions

Centauri Health Solutions provides technology and technology-enabled services to payors and providers across all healthcare programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Exchange. Centauri improves the lives and health outcomes of their members and patients through compassionate outreach, sophisticated analytics, clinical data exchange capabilities, and data-driven solutions. Their solutions directly address complex problems such as uncompensated care within health systems; appropriate, risk-adjusted revenue for specialized sub-populations; and improve access to and quality of care measurement.

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Netsmart is a full-service IT consulting company that caters to various businesses like law firms, dental offices, hotels and casinos. They have over 20 years of experience in these markets and have garnered a reputation for prompt service delivery and support.

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Maven is based in Columbus, Ohio, providing IT staffing, MS 365 Admin, App Modernization, Cyber Security Consulting & Azure Application Development Services. The company has over 50 employees with the Corporate IT department supporting the organization internally, and externally for the security and safety of their clients. Maven’s clients range from state and local municipalities to private businesses, such as restaurants and finance firms.

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Waverly School District

Waverly School District is a small school district with about 347 student users and 67 staff users. Despite having the IT needs of a mid-size company, Waverly still has to operate on the tight budget of a small school district. Waverly’s IT department had two significant challenges: protecting vulnerable student users and reporting on the management of grant funds. Documentation played a critical role in overcoming these two challenges for Waverly. Waverly was able to leverage IT Glue to ensure secure documentation of all information, including configurations, device tracking, passwords and more.

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NOCDOC, a white label NOC and service desk for MSPs, turned to IT Glue to scale up their business. Find out how IT Glue helped them achieve their goals.

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Run Business Solutions is an IT Managed Services and Website Services provider based in Amarillo, Texas.

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Version2 is a Chicago-based MSP that has 14 employees and serves clients nationwide.

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Visby Medical

Visby Medical is a molecular diagnostics company located in San Jose, Calif. The company has over a decade of experience developing rapid testing for various disease targets.

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