Documentation Resources

IT Glue is committed to your success. To help you get the most out of our documentation platform, we have a number of resources at your disposal. Our IT Glue Express video series provides advice on specific documentation topics, while our e-books and webinars tackle higher-level topics to help you improve efficiency and increase revenues.


Upcoming Webinar: APAC MSP How To #5 – Securely share and manage passwords between employees AND clients in seconds

Join Session #5 in the MSP How To Series where we deliver 20-minute bitesize sessions to demonstrate how IT Glue can help you quickly solve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency-draining barriers. A common hurdle for MSPs, the process of secure password management and sharing slows many down. This session will show you how to speed up the process, boost security and totally master password sharing between internal employees AND external clients.


Upcoming Webinar: MSP How To #8 – Automate client onboarding with just a few a clicks!

Join Session #8 in the MSP How To Series where we deliver 20-minute bitesize sessions to demonstrate how IT Glue can help you quickly resolve common MSP issues and overcome efficiency-draining barriers. Make bringing on new clients totally seamless giving your team the right tools to onboard in just a few clicks. This webinar will show you how you can enhance efficiency, guarantee accuracy and delight new clients through the use of IT Glue during on-boarding.


Webinar: Road to Documentation Maturity: Client Onboarding

Documentation maturity reflects how your MSP approaches documentation and how you use it in your business. Why does it matter? Well, MSPs with a high level of documentation maturity are more likely to see revenue growth, onboard new techs faster, scale effectively and maximize the efficiency of their non-technical teams.  


Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Work – A Readiness Workshop

As we move into a post-COVID world, there is a big chance a majority of the world will go to a hybrid model of work. Businesses are most likely to offer workplace flexibility to their employees so that they can go remote at a moment's notice in case of an emergency. For MSP's this is a golden opportunity to lead the conversation and help customers across industries plan ahead. This is what we explore in our upcoming Future of Webinar workshop.


Upcoming Webinar: How To Improve Your Service Without Increasing Costs

Doing more with less seems to be the number one priority for businesses across the globe right now. Many still want to achieve growth goals but know they cannot make significant investments to get there. This is what we discuss in our upcoming webinar on Thursday, 20th May 2021. Join us as IT Glue’s Alex Ford sheds light on how to get your MSP on an upward curve despite having less to invest, just by making a few simple changes to the way you do things. 


IT Glue 2021 Global MSP Benchmark Report

This year’s report comes at a time when the world is still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the MSP industry fared better compared to others, the big question is, has everything reverted to pre-COVID trends? Find out this and much more from our survey results.


How to Master IT Documentation E-Book

Great IT documentation can give you a real edge over other businesses. But to get there, you need to lay a strong foundation. That's what this eBook is all about. We cover everything you need to know to master IT documentation.


Webinar: MSP Lift Off #2 Rocket Fuel for your Team With Richard Tubb

There's never been a negative side to giving your team a boost and, after the year we have all had, many are in need of an uplift right now. During this session we will be covering how you can give your team the oomph they need, guiding you through 5 areas that will inject positivity, drive inspiration and innovation within them and ultimately enhance the working environment.


Checklist: Mastering MSP Finance

Monitoring your MSP's financial health is a complex task. You need to continuously keep track of so many variables, from cash flow, financial statements to pricing. How do you ensure that you don't miss out on any? This checklist can help. Use it to ensure that you complete all the required tasks and gauge your MSP's financial health.


Upcoming Webinar: A Deep Dive Into 2021 IT Glue Benchmark Report

The 4th edition of our annual MSP benchmark report is here. From trends in client password management to the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, it offers eye-opening insights surrounding the ins and outs of running an MSP business. Now here is your chance to review the survey findings with industry experts and get to know their thoughts on the same.


Webinar: MSP Cost Savers – The Cost of New Employees

The cost of on-boarding a new employee is over £30,000 and when you're backfilling the roles of lost employees, this is just a cost to your business and a sap on your bottom line profits. During this session we investigate exactly where that £30k cost comes from and apply this to an MSP on-boarding process. Join us for this to-the-point webinar to discover how you can reduce the costs associated with bringing new team members on board. 


Mastering MSP Finance E-Book

Do you find business finance overwhelming? It is no surprise considering how vast and complicated it is. You may be unsure of where or how to even start. That's where this MSP-focused eBook comes in handy. It breaks down critical concepts such as cash flow, financial statements and costing. Plus, it offers you pointers and directives so that you know exactly what to do.