TruMethods and myITprocess™ 
Joins The IT Glue family

The acquisition of TruMethods and integration of myITprocess™ with IT Glue
offers the most powerful, high-value virtual CIO (vCIO) software platform
to allow your MSP to build more strategic relationships with your customers.

About myITprocess™

myITprocessTM helps you analyze your clients’ technical environments, establish IT standards, track client feedback, and develop custom, strategic roadmaps specific to client needs.

As a result, you minimize security breaches, adhere to regulatory guidelines, and win more opportunities.


Act as a trusted advisor by aligning technology and IT infrastructure with business outcomes.

Increase revenue

Create a structured quarterly and annual IT budget plan with recommendations for technology replacement, updates, and changes.

Proactive Support

Reduce reactive support and risks by identifying technology unalignment before problems arise and plan for technology investment upfront.

IT Glue and myITprocess™
are better together

By leveraging the documentation in IT Glue and the TruMethods
framework, your MSP can build efficient, repeatable processes,
and streamline your vCIO process to win more business.

IT Glue and myITprocess™ Integration: Streamline vCIO process

Conducting technology audits manually is a thing of the past.

If you have IT Glue and myITprocess, view this Knowledge Base to set up the integration.

Not a current IT Glue partner? Find out how you can enable myITprocess through TruMethods here.

Win more business

Conduct regular technology audits with ease, to win more business.

Centralized standards

View up-to-date IT Glue configuration information alongside vCIO standards in myITprocessTM.

Reduce risk

Identify out-of-compliance and unaligned technologies to reduce risk.


Out-of-the-box checklists in IT Glue based on TruMethod’s industry-approved framework and processes.

Proven Success

Align your business processes with industry-tested and approved best practices and frameworks from TruMethods to drive business efficiency, consistency, and reduce errors.

Ease of deployment

Deploy and utilize out-of-the-box checklists without the need for an advanced IT team to build out business processes.


IT Glue partners can easily relate the myITchecklist with the rest of the workflow in IT Glue including documents, passwords, configurations, and many more.

TruMethods also strengthens
the IT Complete Operations Suite

Gain clear visibility into your business by combining the BMS reporting engine with TruMethod’s unmatched MSP knowledge and expertise.


Out-of-the-box service desk reports and KPIs in BMS based on TruMethods recommended framework.

Ease of deployment

Out-of-the-box service desk KPIs and reports enable your MSP to analyze data and derive insights rather than try to figure out which business-critical KPIs to track.

Align with world-class standards

View up-to-date IT Glue configuration information alongside vCIO standards in myITprocessTM.

Learn how myITprocess™ works with IT Glue

Minimize security breaches | Adhere to regulatory guidelines | Win more opportunities