QBR Maturity Model

Revolutionize your QBR account planning process for revenue growth.

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Traditional QBRs often fall flat — drowning in data, lacking insights and offering nothing new.
Review time often feels like torture, and last-minute scrambling to prepare a QBR presentation becomes the norm. Priorities shift from achieving excellence to merely getting it done.

Client cancellations or rescheduling at short notice become a frustrating routine, leaving you questioning the value of your efforts.

Printouts of your quarterly business reviews lead to confusion as everyone jumps ahead to different sections. No one is on the same page, and your insights go unheard.

Does all of this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can utilize the QBR Maturity Model to evaluate your current standing and chart a course toward the pinnacle of success. Using the simple tips provided, you can achieve a more streamlined and effective QBR planning process. By enhancing QBR maturity, organizations have witnessed a remarkable five-time increase in monthly recurring revenue. It’s time to transform your QBR experience and drive unprecedented revenue growth.

Read on to uncover what qualities define each level of the QBR Maturity Model and discover what maturity state your IT team currently falls under.

Level 1 Ad hoc – Reactive QBRs
At this stage, the quarterly business review is conducted reactively and on a one-off basis, typically in response to client requests. There is no set schedule or proactive planning, and the focus is on addressing immediate concerns. Each client engagement may bring forth different topics, metrics or discussions, making it a dynamic and unpredictable experience.
Tips to level up:
  • Initiate proactive planning for QBRs
  • Establish a consistent schedule for reviews
  • Begin addressing long-term client concerns
Level 2 Adopting – Establishing fundamental practices

At this early stage of developing a QBR account planning process, we introduce standardized templates. These templates facilitate a seamless integration of performance metrics, service updates and strategic discussions.

Tips to level up:
  • Develop a consistent QBR account planning process
  • Introduce standardized templates
  • Strive for a harmonious approach to addressing client needs
Level 3 Impacting – Streamline and automate
In this stage, the focus is on serving all clients at scale with an emphasis on standardization and automation. The goal is to streamline data collection and report generation, transforming the preparation of QBRs into an efficient and systematic process.
Tips to level up:
  • Focus on serving clients at scale
  • Streamline data collection and report generation
  • Enhance efficiency in QBR preparation
Level 4 Influencing – Become a strategic advisor

At this stage, QBR facilitators become strategic advisors. Insights gained during QBRs are transformed into strategic recommendations, and collaborative efforts with clients result in the development of action plans for improvement and optimization. The process is so well-versed that it becomes scalable for taking on additional clients.

At this stage, your QBRs are something your customers look forward to. You've built enough credibility to inform business strategies and company decisions. By regularly delivering IT risks and opportunities to executives and stakeholders, you've become a trusted advisor in shaping the client's strategic landscape.

Tips to level up:
  • Position yourself as strategic advisor
  • Collaborate on improvement and optimization plans
  • Make QBRs a valuable resource for stakeholders
Level 5 Transforming – Strategic partnership and thought leadership
Here, QBRs evolve into strategic partnerships. Discussions align with the client's overall business strategy, positioning the MSP as a key player in improving organization-wide IT initiatives. The MSP becomes a beacon of thought leadership, sharing industry insights, best practices and trends during QBRs to reinforce expertise and commitment to client success.
Tips to level up:
  • Position yourself as a strategic advisor
  • Showcase thought leadership during QBRs
  • Reinforce commitment to client success through industry insights and best practices

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