Fortify your School's IT with Intelligent Asset Management

Safeguard student assets, staff details, and your IT ecosystem within a unified hub. Harness the benefits of streamlined and centralized IT documentation and education asset tracking software to position your educational institution for success.

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“Having a safe offsite location that we can all access at different levels of access for all our critical passwords, contact data, disaster recovery planning, and more, is such a fundamental key part of any IT infrastructure. IT Glue provides exactly that, anddoes it very well.”

Alex, Systems Engineer in K-12

Unlock a 360 View of Your Entire
IT Infrastructure

Who does that laptop belong to? How many licenses do we need? How do I reset that printer? Say goodbye to siloed data and centralize your entire IT environment in one intelligently structured pane that makes it easy to link assets, passwords and SOPs and find the information you need in seconds.

Save Time with a Centralized
Data Hub

Reduce time waste by 50% with a structured, searchable and interconnected IT documentation hub and school asset tracking software. Ensure uninterrupted IT operations by transforming ad-hoc knowledge into standardized processes and information.

Protect Your IT with
Ironclad Security

Safeguard students with advanced security measures and asset tracking for schools. Prevent rogue IT and ensure data security with granular permissions and audit trails, providing you with peace of mind and complete IT protection.

Confidently Secure
IT Funding

Guarantee grant funding by maintaining current IT documentation and a comprehensive IT overview with 105+ integrations, open API and automated discovery. Effortlessly quick-start your IT documentation and school asset management with 100+ templates.

Guard Student Data With IT Documentation

In the digital education landscape, rising student technology needs pose cybersecurity risks. The solution? A multi-layered security approach with intelligent documentation. Assess your school’s IT security with this checklist.

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Equip Your School With IT Documentation

While technology may be a second language for students, as the IT expert, you must take control of your IT environment.
Use IT Glue, our school asset management system, to access smart asset, password and knowledge management in one pane.

Simple and Efficient

Asset management for schools simplifies the student learning environment and boost teachers’ efficiency. By providing easy access to comprehensive IT information, it ensures quick troubleshooting and a smooth experience with minimal disruptions.

Compliance With Regulatory

Manage policies, procedures, and compliance documentation in a centralized system. This streamlines the implementation and upkeep of measures that align with regulatory requirements, ensuring that the school’s IT practices comply with the law.

Resource Allocation and
Budget Planning

Centralizing all IT documentation, which includes hardware and software usage, licensing agreements, and upcoming technology needs, empowers the IT team to present accurate, data-backed budget proposals. Discover the power of school asset tracking.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Comprehensive documentation includes disaster recovery plans, backup procedures and data security protocols. In the event of a crisis, quickly implement recovery measures, safeguarding sensitive information and minimizing downtime.

Streamlined Onboarding
and Offboarding

Optimize onboarding and offboarding processes at the beginning and end of each semester by utilizing checklists that allow you to seamlessly link and connect with other IT documentation, including assets and passwords.

Unparalleled Data Security

Ensure top-tier data protection by limiting access to sensitive information with precise permissions, keeping IT asset records current and preventing unauthorized IT activities through thorough audit trails.

“Documentation in a school district is extremely important
– both for grant funding and student security.”


Streamline and Simplify Your School's IT

Streamline student info capture and device monitoring with IT Glue. Enhance security, find details in seconds and centralize data with 100+ integrations and templates. Start your IT documentation journey and make sense of fragmented info in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Question about IT Glue for Education

When it comes to choosing a document management system for your business it can be hard to know where to start. We have put together some of the most commonly asked questions about documentation best practices.

IT documentation refers to comprehensive information about an organization's information technology systems, processes, configurations and procedures. It serves as a valuable resource for users to manage aspects of the technology infrastructure.

IT documentation in schools ensures quick troubleshooting compliance and security. Comprehensive records aid in overall optimization of IT operations.

System architecture, configuration details, procedures, policies, network diagrams, inventory, incident history and user documentation.

Consistency in formatting, details for comprehension, regular updates, organized categorization, version control and collaborative contributions.