SharePoint vs. IT Glue: The True Cost of IT Documentation

BY IT GLUE | April 02, 2024

Efficient IT documentation is essential, now more than ever, as digital infrastructure has become critical for business success. The reliance on technology means keeping up with an overwhelming amount of documents — a task that becomes particularly challenging with general-purpose tools like Microsoft SharePoint. Although SharePoint has its strengths across various business areas, it doesn’t fully meet the specific needs of IT documentation.

This blog post delves into the hidden costs and challenges of using SharePoint for IT documentation and contrasts it with the tailored capabilities of IT Glue — a platform specifically designed for IT documentation. Read on to discover insights that could transform how you manage your IT documentation and make an informed decision on the right tools for your business.

The hidden costs of SharePoint in IT documentation

When it comes to managing IT documentation, the choice of tools can significantly impact your team’s efficiency, security and overall productivity. While SharePoint has been a go-to for many due to its prevalence in the Microsoft ecosystem, it is essential to peel back the layers and understand the hidden costs associated with its use for specialized needs like IT documentation.

Let’s dive into specific aspects of SharePoint and IT Glue, comparing their capabilities to see which platform better serves the unique demands of IT documentation.

Intelligent structure: Customization vs. tailored framework

SharePoint, for all its versatility, is not ready-made for IT documentation. The platform requires extensive customization and guesswork, costing valuable time and resources. In contrast, IT Glue offers a framework expressly designed for IT documentation with pre-built, out-of-the-box templates and the ability to connect assets to one another, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustments and ensuring information is organized efficiently and accurately.

Security and compliance: Basic measures vs. advanced protections

While SharePoint provides fundamental security features, it often necessitates additional customization to meet higher IT security standards. This can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. IT Glue, on the other hand, integrates advanced security measures, like role-based access controls and compliance-ready reporting, significantly reducing the effort and time required to meet stringent IT documentation standards.

Integration and automation: Limitations vs. robust integrations

One of SharePoint’s major drawbacks is its limited direct integrations with essential IT management tools, leading to inefficient manual setups, data duplication and human errors. IT Glue excels in this area by offering a wide array of integrations with popular IT services and tools, like Cisco Meraki, Autotask, Datto RMM and more, significantly improving the quality of your documentation, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity through built-in automation.

Ease of use and adoption: Steep learning curve vs. intuitive layout

SharePoint’s general-purpose interface comes with a steep learning curve if it is being used specifically for IT documentation purposes, potentially hindering quick adoption and leading to poorly structured, outdated documentation. IT Glue’s interface, designed specifically for IT professionals, is intuitive and easy to navigate, encouraging rapid adoption and consistent use across teams.

Scalability and long-term costs: Challenges vs. cost efficiency

Although SharePoint might seem cost-effective initially, its need for ongoing customization, maintenance and training can lead to increased long-term costs. IT Glue, with its focus on efficiency, reduced training needs and lower maintenance costs, presents significant savings over time, alongside seamless scalability to accommodate growing organizational needs.

Conclusion: The smart choice for IT documentation

The contrast between SharePoint and IT Glue in the context of IT documentation management is stark. SharePoint’s generalist approach incurs hidden costs through inefficiencies, security gaps and the extensive need for customization. IT Glue, purpose-built for IT documentation, offers unmatched benefits in productivity, security and user experience, coupled with considerable long-term cost savings.

For IT professionals seeking an efficient, secure and scalable solution for managing their IT documentation, IT Glue stands out as the clear choice. By opting for IT Glue, IT teams can significantly enhance their ability to manage and secure their IT ecosystems, moving beyond the limitations of a one-size-fits-all platform to a solution that’s tailor-made for the complexities of IT documentation.

Discover how IT Glue can transform your team’s efficiency and save you time and money. Book a demo today and see firsthand the unparalleled advantages of a specialized IT documentation solution.

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