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All-in-One IT Strategic Planning Platform

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Make every step of preparation, presentation
and reporting for QBRs a breeze.

Technology Assessments

Proactively uncover technology gaps with automated IT assessments

Quarterly Business Reviews

Arrange your IT roadmap into an interactive slideshow and capture client feedback on the fly

IT Roadmap, Budget and Timeline

Easily add identified IT risks into a client-facing IT roadmap

Bite-sized Customer-facing Reports

Easily show progress and commitment with automated reports

Get Ahead With a Proactive Approach

Proactively identify technology gaps before they become a problem with our automated IT assessments. Discover untapped revenue opportunities and position your MSP for lasting success.

Uncover Technology Gaps

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Get started with 150 out-of-the-box standards and expand to 1,500 standards with a built-in library that covers hardware, infrastructure, HIPAA, NIST, UK cybersecurity and more.

Discover New Revenue Opportunities

Regularly assessing your clients’ environments, identifying gaps in their tool stacks and uncovering potential risks means you also discover revenue opportunities for your business.

Ensure Contract Compliance With Strategic IT Roadmaps and
Interactive Presentations

Get a “YES!” from customers with an automated, client-facing IT roadmap, complete with budgets and timelines.

Automated Roadmaps

Effortlessly incorporate identified IT risks into a client-facing IT roadmap, organized by priority, timeline and budget, securing commitment from the get-go.1:2

Automated Presentations

Make QBRs a breeze with a customizable IT roadmap and recommendations that you can effortlessly turn into an interactive presentation for streamlined discussion.

Show Your Value With Automated Reports and
QBR Meeting Management

Meetings and reports don’t have to be a drag. Automatically create client-facing reports and easily manage every aspect of QBRs to keep clients accountable.

Customizable and Comprehensive Reporting

Easily show progress and commitments with automated bite-sized reports that visually illustrate technology alignment scores, alignment progress and a quarterly breakdown of roadmap status and budgets.

Automated Start-to-End QBR Management

Eliminate your pre- and post-QBR administrative overheads with automated agenda creation, meeting scheduling and invites, and post-meeting summary reporting.

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$800,000 in Pipeline Generation

“MyITprocess helped us develop a standardized list of 75 alignment questions that can easily be shared with every client.”

— Sergio Lima, Director of Customer Success and vCIO, MicroAge
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