Leverage Documentation to Automate Billing, Ticketing and vCIO

BY IT GLUE | April 08, 2022

The benefits of consolidated and standardized documentation are well known to everyone. You can save time, cut waste, boost productivity, improve quality and more. However, what if we told you you could achieve a lot more than that? You can now leverage your IT Glue documentation to automate other parts of your business including billing, ticketing and vCIO. This is possible with IT Glue’s deep workflow integrations.

Since your documentation in IT Glue is meaningful and includes a variety of different assets, you can leverage it to automate your day-to-day tasks. Purposeful automation that is focused on your core business workflows can save valuable time and boost efficiency. When your billing, ticketing and vCIO solutions work together with IT documentation, you don’t ever have to go back to doing these tasks manually.

In this blog, we’ll explore how IT Glue helps you automate your core business processes.

Automated Billing: BMS

What would you rather spend your time on – stressing about billing for completed services or supporting your clients to bring in more revenue? We’re willing to bet it is the latter. That is exactly what you can achieve with IT Glue’s integration with BMS.

You can leverage the already documented IT Glue Flexible Assets to automate usage-based cloud services billing in BMS. Instead of spending hours each month manually reconciling cloud services provisioned with spreadsheets and then manually updating the recurring service contracts to accurately bill customers, you can leverage the already documented IT Glue Flexible Assets to automate billing.

BMS will automatically pull the IT Glue Flexible Asset quantity directly to the contract you’ve added the service to, and you have the option to change the quantity in IT Glue as needed.

Live Ticketing: BMS and Vorex

With the sheer increase in the complexity and volume of IT tickets, technicians need a simpler way to manage their tickets and support users. Simplifying the ticketing process is a priority for IT Glue, and you can achieve that with Live Ticketing in both BMS and Vorex.

With Live Ticketing, you can now choose to work in either IT Glue or BMS/Vorex based on your preference. Since you are working in a platform you are most familiar with, you can boost your efficiency in ticket resolution. You can create, view, assign, update and close a ticket on both these platforms.

In addition to offering a similar look and feel, both these platforms offer the same in-line editing capabilities and allow technicians to update and log time in accordance with their work practices.

Technicians can also save a lot of time by integrating with BMS or Vorex as all relevant IT Glue information is now auto-suggested to them. As an IT Glue administrator, you can now create workflows that provide relevant context to any BMS or Vorex ticket, so you can easily access suggested related IT Glue documentation for quick reference. This saves you the trouble of manually searching for KB articles or SOPs when working on an IT ticket.

Automated vCIO: myITprocess

With the latest update to the myITprocess integration, you can now automate technology assessment processes with the ability to search and link IT Glue Configurations and Flexible Assets directly in myITprocess and save hours per client.

As a result, you no longer have to deal with copies of data that are already stored in your other tools. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about upkeeping information in several places. This integration will also let you automatically track any changes to your client’s environment and provide you with the ability to easily identify key projects for high revenue opportunities.

Automation is the way forward

The more processes you automate, the fewer resources you waste on repetitive, manual tasks. Documentation is not just about storing and retrieving information. By leveraging IT Glue assets the right way, you can do so much more in terms of automating your business processes and boosting efficiency. The automation of your billing, ticketing and vCIO processes, with the help of IT Glue documentation, stands testament to that.

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