Feature Release: Network Glue Unmatched Device Notification and Switch Port Enhancement

BY IT GLUE | February 04, 2022


Gain control over your managed and unmanaged devices with Network Glue

Network Glue has evolved into more than just a network diagramming solution. It can help you gain comprehensive visibility into your network with features like automatic discovery, documentation, diagramming and more.

IT Glue can ensure secure and quickly accessible documentation, and Network Glue can automate all your network information. Having Network Glue data automated right into IT Glue will enhance your ability to centralize the network information you need to do your work efficiently.

In this blog, we’ll explore some Network Glue feature updates that can make network documentation simpler and more efficient.

Unmatched Devices Notification

IT professionals typically maintain a well-kept list of managed devices since they can get that information from their RMM solution. But what about unmanaged devices like VoIP, firewall, servers and more?

To provide proper service to their clients, IT professionals need to get a complete picture of all the devices in their clients’ networks, both managed and unmanaged. This helps them understand how these devices relate to each other. This high-level visualization of networks and devices will prevent unresolved issues and benefit your clients as well as your business.

MSPs must have enhanced visibility into their clients’ networks, and that starts with identifying every single device in their clients’ networks. This is now possible with our new automatic notification of unmatched devices. You can set this up as a new workflow type to receive regular emails that will show you a list of unmatched devices.

Once Network Glue detects a device that is not already documented in IT Glue or an unmatched device, it will be listed in your automated email notification. Your technicians can then decide whether to match the device or document it in IT Glue.

This will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on bigger, more important tasks, knowing that the possibility of missing new devices in your network has been eliminated.

Switch Port Enhancement

Knowing what is connected to each port on a switch is important for you to troubleshoot easily. Not only does Network Glue automate the documentation of devices & Active Directory contacts, but it also automates the documentation of ports and interfaces.

With the latest Switch Port update, now under any IT Glue device, you can easily see anything the device is connected to, including other IT Glue configurations or even unmatched devices discovered by Network Glue.

If the unmatched device is key to your IT documentation, you can now add this newly discovered unmatched device right away to your IT Glue account. Using the “Add to IT Glue” button, you will be redirected to the Network Glue diagram with the selected device, and you can then match it there. However, even if you do not do this, the connected port information will still show.

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