Solve Tickets More Efficiently With Auto-Suggest Documentation in Ticket

BY IT GLUE | July 06, 2022

IT teams spend a significant amount of time resolving tickets. Faster resolution of these IT tickets will lead to huge time savings. But how can you achieve this? One of the most efficient ways is to have the correct information required for resolving tickets in the same window right at your fingertips.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can make your technicians’ lives easier and see an improvement in ticket resolution efficiency with the help of auto-suggested documentation.

The information you need, exactly where and when you need it

Documenting all your clients’ IT infrastructures and network environments is no easy task. It is important to take advantage of your carefully documented knowledge, assets and passwords by making it visible exactly where it is most useful and needed – directly in an open ticket.

With the Auto-Suggest Documentation in Ticket feature, you can leverage IT Glue documentation by creating a ticket rule in IT Glue and determine what sort of documentation suggestions you will automatically see in the ticket you are working on.

You will be able to see relevant information, such as SOPs and passwords, and save valuable time otherwise wasted by manually searching for that documentation in a separate window. This can also help reduce human error and increase productivity by minimizing tab-switching.

Dynamic Organization Suggested (NEW)

With the latest IT Glue update, you can now filter your auto-suggested documentation rules to apply to all organizations that you service. You no longer need to recreate the same rule for every client that it is relevant for.

This will save you time by allowing you to have the same rule across all organizations. Moreover, you can help your team provide consistent service every time by using the same auto-suggested documentation.

Enhance your Auto-Suggested Documentation

Although different organizations and teams have different needs, there are endless instances where auto-suggested documentation can be extremely helpful. The way you set up this feature will most likely vary, which means you will have to reflect on your organization’s specific processes and workflows in advance.

The first step is to determine where you spend the most time, then build out repeatable processes.

To help you get started, here are the three top areas in which auto-suggested documentation will immediately benefit your organization:
1) Password reset
2) New user onboarding
3) User offboarding / employee termination

Ryan Luering, Director of Operations at ReachOut, shared some best practices.

  • Set up your IT Glue documentation with “noun noun verb” – ticket, subtype, how to. For example, Ticket, move add change, Office 365.
  • Analyze your ticket and sub-ticket types regularly, and make a note of any that are trending, then set up auto-suggested documentation to immediately cut out two minutes from the manual searching of information. If you cut two minutes from manually looking up information for every single ticket, just imagine how much time you save in a day, a week and even in a month.

“Slow down to speed up” is at the core of why auto-suggested documentation can benefit your organization.

With this update, you can enable your service desk technicians to solve tickets faster and more efficiently for all your clients.

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