GlueConnect: Preserving User Settings & Maintaining Granular Access While Linking IT Glue Accounts

BY IT GLUE | October 17, 2022

To ensure 24/7 coverage, MSPs often team up with other MSPs on the other side of the planet or engage with a round-the-clock NOC. In addition, with the rise of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), you will want your IT Glue documentation to be secure and easily accessible. Let’s look at how GlueConnect can help you do this by building a secure bridge between different IT Glue accounts and ensuring your documentation is available to everyone who needs it, when they need it, without any business disruptions.

Easily connect IT Glue accounts with GlueConnect

If you want to outsource some of your service desk functions, you can grant your third-party provider access to your data in IT Glue with GlueConnect. This allows them to be as productive as your in-house team, which in turn, provides greater opportunities to grow your business. It is also the most secure and efficient way to bring documentation from different accounts together. In addition, during M&As, rather than converging multiple PSAs, RMMs and IT Glue instances, MSPs can simply link multiple IT Glue accounts and cross-support all customers right away.

GlueConnect gives you complete control over what information each GlueConnect account can access, so you can be fully confident while linking to another IT Glue account. Additionally, you can view edits made by individual users in the activities log to increase the visibility of your documentation system, maintain legitimacy and track performance.

Get granular access with Per User Permissions

Retain user permissions when linking IT Glue accounts with GlueConnect and ensure there are no service disruptions. Per User Permissions allow technicians to easily and securely cross-support all customers.

Your users and partners or providers can instantaneously start using your documentation as soon as their accounts are connected to the host accounts. GlueConnect has been designed to automatically grant them access only to information they are meant to see, without you having to take any extra steps.

Additionally, you can also select which specific IT Glue Organizations users get access to, whether all or just one. This adds another layer of granular access and gives you greater flexibility and security while connecting your IT Glue accounts with other accounts.

Lastly, with Per User Permissions, you get complete visibility of your IT Glue accounts. This includes your original IT Glue account users and new users joining a host account.

Make outsourcing services, M&As and collaborating with MSPs seamless

We are seeing more and more M&As than ever before, and it’s becoming a popular exit strategy for many MSPs today. However, going through such a transition can often interrupt operations and lead to documentation being lost or improperly transferred.

With GlueConnect, you avoid converging multiple PSAs, RMMs and IT Glue instances during a merger or acquisition, making the process smoother for everyone involved.

Infinite possibilities with GlueConnect

No matter who you partner with — a third-party vendor or service provider, another MSP, or a franchise — you want to send and receive all your critical information with as little trouble as possible.

GlueConnect helps you do this by allowing you to retain your user settings while linking accounts and maintaining access at a granular level to increase the visibility and security of your documentation. It allows you to seize new opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and save your valuable time without disrupting your services.

Learn more about GlueConnect in our Knowledge Base article. Discover why over 300,000 users trust IT Glue to save them time and increase their productivity with industry-leading, centralized and consolidated IT documentation.

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