Announcing Azure AD and Intune Integrations

BY IT GLUE | June 16, 2022

Microsoft is a popular solution utilized by IT professionals to manage users and devices. To gain full visibility into your IT infrastructure, the ideal scenario would be to consolidate all the information you have in Microsoft’s suite of solutions directly in your documentation solution.

To facilitate this consolidation and ensure smoother operations, we bring two more integrations from Microsoft’s suite of products to IT Glue – Intune and Azure AD. Along with Microsoft 365 and Active Directory, you now have a single pane of glass for your multitenant Microsoft environments.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can automate and consolidate your documentation of various asset types, including managed devices, mobile devices and user information, with the Microsoft integration.

Your most important data, all in one place

With IT infrastructures getting more and more complex every day, it is important to keep track of all your assets and users to ensure smooth operations. By integrating with Microsoft’s Intune, Azure AD, Active Directory and Microsoft 365, IT professionals can see their entire Microsoft environment effortlessly in a single pane in IT Glue.

When you can access everything from a single pane, it makes troubleshooting and daily operations a breeze. All the device and user information you need from Microsoft will be right next to the rest of your documentation, like your SOPs and passwords, and you can complete any task at a much faster pace.

Automated asset tracking: Intune (NEW)

The Intune integration will bring another layer of consolidated device information that you never experienced before. Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management and mobile application management. Our new integration with Intune pulls device data and inputs it into IT Glue. This means you have the ability to now aggregate data from your endpoint management, service desk, backup, network monitoring and now Intune. This gives you a consolidated view of your managed, unmanaged and mobile devices across all IT environments, managed in one single pane.

With IT Glue’s relationship-mapping capabilities, you can easily relate assets, such as device data pulled from the Intune integration, to passwords, network assets, how-to guides, applications and more, for one-click access.

User and license management: Azure AD (NEW), Active Directory and Microsoft 365

In addition to getting an automated view of your devices, you also get a complete view of your users. By consolidating Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Active Directory multitenant information under one roof, you get a consolidated view of your cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments.

Also, with information like status, last login and last password reset, you will be able to easily see noncompliant user and password information, and enforce or mitigate as needed.

Beyond just your users’ information, you can also see all your Microsoft 365 license information across all sites managed. This prevents you from overspending on unnecessary licenses and help you optimize license utilization across all your sites.

Automated asset and user management with IT Glue

Setting up the Microsoft integration only takes a few minutes since it just requires a single credential for all Microsoft solutions. Visit the IT Glue knowledge base for a step-by-step guide.

The Active Directory and Azure AD automations are part of IT Glue’s automation engine — Network Glue — which not only automates your Active Directory on-prem and cloud environments, but your unmanaged devices, ports and connections as well.

Together with IT Glue, it provides you with a single source of truth that has everything you need to service your clients efficiently, securely and automatically.

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