Guarantee Service Consistency With IT Glue Checklists

BY IT GLUE | April 07, 2022

Checklists are a core part of IT documentation since they simplify any task irrespective of size. By clearly outlining steps on how a procedure or task should be performed from start to finish, checklists enable organizations to provide consistent service across the board.

Our new Checklists enhancements make it simple for IT professionals to manage repeatable processes by leveraging standardization across all organizations while giving the flexibility to customize based on organization-specific unique requirements.

In this blog, we’ll explore how IT Glue Checklists make it easy for IT professionals to manage repeatable tasks and beyond.

What are IT Glue Checklist Templates and Checklists? 

For your team to be effective, it is important to design your checklists correctly so they can serve you in the long term and ensure you are not trapped under the burden of administrative overhead.

Here’s how you can use IT Glue Checklists and Checklist Templates:

First, you must understand the type of process you want to streamline. For instance, you may want to do onboarding or machine troubleshooting, for which you need to create a checklist template suitable for this process.

Once the template is created, you can create organization checklists based on this template because every client’s environment is unique. This gives you the standardization you need while giving you the flexibility to modify.

Finally, we come to the tasks. It is important to find a balance to ensure that your checklists are neither too high-level in a way even your technician cannot understand what they need to do, nor too detailed in a way that you require hours and hours recreating an SOP just in the form of a checklist.

Benefits of IT Glue Checklists

Checklists play a key role in improving the quality of services you provide, and these can be easily enhanced by having them within your IT documentation solution. With IT Glue Checklists, you can:

  • Save time by linking your existing long-form SOPs to a checklist for additional guidance

  • Easily relate checklists to the rest of your documentation for quick access

  • Add notes to checklists so that they can be part of your core documentation for historical or compliance references

Checklist use case # 1: Streamlined process management 

IT Glue Checklists guarantee consistent service delivery with standardized process management, process adherence and faster technician onboarding with a step-by-step guide. Here’s how you can do it.

Getting started

With IT Glue Checklists, you can build processes without an advanced IT team. This can be done by leveraging out-of-the-box checklist templates that are specifically designed for IT professionals.

With the latest IT Glue Checklist enhancements, you can then create, modify or copy your checklist templates and apply them across different organizations or locations. Being able to create your own checklist templates that are applicable to one or more organizations helps you standardize various procedures across the board and boost your efficiency. Once you have copied existing checklist templates and made the necessary modification, you can roll them out to your clients.

Manually assigning checklist templates can be difficult and may also lead to process errors. To prevent this, you can now automatically assign IT Glue Checklists to some or all organizations or locations. This helps you save valuable time when doing administrative work.

Checklist use case # 2: Day-to-day process management

Checklists also play a key role in day-to-day process management in an organization. IT Glue checklists are easy to follow and implement, and you can witness a significant decline in errors almost instantly. Moreover, checklists improve accountability and allow you to easily collaborate with your team members and clients.

Getting started

With IT Glue Checklists, you can easily add notes and related items to your checklists and checklist templates so your technicians can refer to these in the future. This helps technicians get extra visibility on how certain procedures were completed, allowing them to more easily replicate those steps when needed. Additionally, having notes directly in an SOP checklist can also be helpful for your compliance requirements as well..

With the new ability to copy checklists per organization in IT Glue, you can reuse a checklist within an organization, copy existing notes and cut down time spent on repetitive tasks. Since every organization is unique — whether it’s the personnel, the tools they use or workflow processes — you can now ensure that checklists can be customized accordingly.

Lastly, you can improve day-to-day process management tasks by running processes as collaborative workflows with IT Glue Checklists. You can create and assign workflows to individual team members within your organization or with your clients through MyGlue.

Boosting efficiency with IT Glue Checklists

IT Glue is an award-winning documentation platform that centralizes all your assets, processes, passwords and more in one. By standardizing your complex tasks and processes with the help of checklists, you can avoid errors that may arise when people follow their own procedures at work. Besides improving consistency, it helps get things done quicker.

To learn more about IT Glue Checklists, request a demo.

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