Comprehensively Document Backups in IT Glue With Datto Continuity, Unitrends & Spanning Integrations

BY IT GLUE | October 11, 2022

Data is the lifeblood of many organizations and it’s so critical to efficiently manage and protect it. However, with data resting in different locations — on premises, in SaaS applications, on devices and in the cloud — it’s getting complicated to systematically back up all your mission-critical data and ensure it’s available for recovery.

Having all your backup information in one place by centralizing its documentation would help you gain a grip on this problem since it will increase the visibility of all your data and reduce in real time the risks they’re exposed to. It will also help you stay compliant with data protection frameworks and keep your business safe.

Find out how you can easily and comprehensively document your backup systems with our Datto Continuity, Unitrends and Spanning integrations. These will help ensure your backup and recovery processes are running the way they’re supposed to without any problems.

Keep your backup information with the rest of your documentation

IT Glue is trusted by over 13,000 IT professionals as their single source of truth for all information in the IT environments they manage. Our growing number of integrations enable you to get a complete view of your IT environment by bringing in important information from your tech stack including PSA, RMM, network monitoring, Microsoft and backup solutions into our platform.

Technicians usually don’t log into the backup solutions daily. By consolidating your backup information and having it rest next to your other IT Glue documentation helps you stay more vigilant. It helps you increase the security of your assets and users. Also, it makes life convenient for you and your techs since you don’t have to access a different tool to verify your backups.

Integrating IT Glue with your backup solution saves time and reduces operational costs. You can access all your backup information from Datto Continuity, Unitrends and Spanning efficiently in a single pane of glass alongside the rest of your documentation to increase its visibility and protection.

Spanning for Microsoft

The newly launched Spanning for Microsoft integration in IT Glue lets you view your Microsoft Mail, Calendar, Contacts and OneDrive backup details altogether alongside the rest of your Contact Information that’s already in IT Glue. You can easily determine the user protection status for each of these Microsoft solutions along with other backup details like the last backup time and status, total protected asset size and asset backup time in IT Glue.

Comprehensively Document Backups in IT Glue With Datto Continuity, Unitrends & Spanning Integrations

Datto Continuity 

The Datto Continuity integration in IT Glue enables IT professionals to check the status, integrity and setup of Datto backups across all protected assets. It lets you see the last backup time, last backup status, the latest recovery point for the backup and whether the backup was successful.

The integration will also enable you to automatically document the Datto SIRIS appliance in IT Glue. This includes the documentation of details such as used storage (local), available storage (local), cloud storage used and last check-in time. Additionally, these fields from Datto will be visible in IT Glue as Device Details from the latest backup: protected volumes count, unprotected volumes count, protected names and unprotected names.

Comprehensively Document Backups in IT Glue With Datto Continuity, Unitrends & Spanning Integrations

Unitrends integration

This integration shows you status updates from all your Unitrends backups, including the last backup time and storage for endpoints in IT Glue. Additionally, it allows you to create a Backup Coverage Report and DR Runbook so you can bypass a lot of administrative work to keep track of your assets.

Comprehensively Document Backups in IT Glue With Datto Continuity, Unitrends & Spanning Integrations

Backup Coverage Report

You can produce an automated PDF report to show the current backup state of any internal or client networks. This helps you discover risks or opportunities to create more revenue. You can determine how vulnerable a network may be if a disaster were to happen and prepare for it using the findings in this report.

DR Runbook

Every single minute after a disaster is crucial and you must be able to manage your time well and be as efficient as possible to quickly bring everything back up to speed so you can minimize downtime and cut or limit your (financial and other) losses.

With the new IT Glue DR Runbook, you can export an automated runbook that outlines all the Unitrends protected assets when a disaster strikes. This includes the most up-to-date device data to help you get the necessary information for recovery, ensuring no machines are missed, left with errors or incorrectly rebooted.

The DR Runbook lets you begin the recovery process instantaneously and you can even specify the boot order in which you want your machines to be recovered.

Get complete backup documentation in IT Glue

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