Top Challenges for Remote Employee Onboarding

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected individuals and companies across the globe in one way or another. In just a few months, it changed the way people went about their day-to-day routines and how companies functioned. Most organizations had to adopt the remote work model just to stay operational, remote work comes with its own set of challenges. One of the primary concerns that companies have about distributed workforces is onboarding. This blog will discuss how remote work is negatively impacting onboarding and why structured onboarding is essential.

Common Factors Affecting Mental Well-Being at the Workplace

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We spend a significant portion of our waking hours at our workplace and addressing the psychological needs of the workforce is critical to all organizations. IT workers face mental stress every day as their work has become more complex since the pandemic forced organizations to switch to remote/hybrid work environments. In this blog, we'll explore the different workplace stressors and how you can take effective measures to overcome them.

Why Compliance Matters: Opportunities and Challenges

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Compliance is a lot more than just adhering to government rules and regulations. It indicates an organization’s commitment to protect its customers’ personal data and uphold business values. In this blog, we focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by the new data privacy regulations for 2021, and how you can ensure your business remains compliant.

Webinar: IT Glue and Tigerpaw – Eliminating Complexity

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According to a study carried out by IDC, "wasted time costs $19,732 per information worker per year, a loss of 21.3% in the organization’s total productivity.” All companies need to make the best use of their resources and find ways to reduce waste. How can MSPs build a sustainable infrastructure in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment?

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