Kaseya BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue – New Updates

BY IT GLUE | January 06, 2022

The ticketing integration for Kaseya BMS in IT Glue allows users to see all their existing tickets from BMS directly in the IT Glue window without ever having to switch between the two platforms. Quickly looking at relevant information stored in IT Glue to resolve a BMS ticket in that same window is a significant timesaver for IT technicians and help desk specialists.

We have made this feature even more helpful based on our users’ feedback. Let’s explore the new updates that have been made to this integration and how it boosts your overall efficiency.

BMS ticketing in IT Glue

Did you know that 37% of service tickets need to be reopened due to inadequate resolution? This happens mainly due to the lack of readily available information for technicians. Technicians often need to scan through multiple tools for answers. Even worse, they sometimes must ask their colleagues for answers while working on complicated tasks, and this affects the productivity of the whole team.

Although IT professionals consider PSA, RMM and IT documentation to be their core tools, the documentation tool seems to be the platform of their choice. When you ask them about their preferred platform, over 80% mentioned that they would prefer to work out of their documentation platform as it provides easy access to all the information, including passwords, SOPs, asset information and more.

Our BMS ticketing inside of IT Glue was launched exactly for this purpose. If you are a technician, you no longer need to leave your documentation platform when working on IT issues. You can now pick up, assign, edit and close a ticket right there within the platform, where all the knowledge resides.

What do we offer in our updates?

When we launched the initial version, it enabled IT Glue users to view tickets pertaining to a specific organization and allowed them to visualize the pattern of tickets within an organization. With these features, you can visualize repeatable problems in your IT environment and take a more proactive approach when dealing with them.

Since then, we have added the ability for you to see all the tickets that are assigned to you with the “My Tickets” view. This allows you to pick up tickets that are assigned to you and work on them directly from within IT Glue.

In our latest update, you can now view all tickets from within the IT Glue platform and not just those assigned to you. A service desk manager or a technician can now pick up, assign, update and close tickets without having to jump into BMS.

With this new enhancement, IT Glue is committed to streamlining service desk technician workflow by enabling technicians to work within one single tool.

Boost efficiency with this integration

The focus of any IT Glue innovation is to make life simpler for technicians by lowering their resolution times and boosting productivity. This one is no exception. MSPs and IT teams can use this integration to boost their overall ticket resolution efficiency and ultimately boost their profitability over time.

Read more about Kaseya BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue here.

Download our below-linked feature sheet for an in-depth guide on using BMS Ticketing Inside IT Glue.

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