Smart Documentation: Benefits and Best Practices

BY IT GLUE | July 29, 2021

Documentation is the process of keeping an electronic record of all external and internal work-related procedures, details and information so that it can be consulted and referenced by anybody at any time. By implementing a robust IT documentation culture at the workplace, companies can streamline their operations, complete more tasks in less time and reduce workplace stress caused by heavy workloads. It reduces the time taken by professionals to learn a new process and enables them to get to work more quickly.

Most IT documents contain step-by-step instructions for performing standard operating procedures, fixing problems and troubleshooting issues. It is simply an organized survey of all the information an IT team needs to operate effectively. Companies look to IT Glue’s advanced documentation tool due to its ease of use, high level of maturity and cost-effectiveness. With IT Glue, your company can create clear and comprehensive documents that drive efficiency, growth and profitability at work.

Comprehensive IT Documentation Helps You Stay Competitive

Companies that provide exceptional customer service stand out in a competitive environment. By implementing the ideal IT documentation practices, a business can meet client and customer demands quickly and smoothly, thus reducing customer churn. Not only do employees and management benefit from good documentation, but so do clients, partners and other stakeholders as well.

In addition to making work simple and easy, IT documentation can also help working professionals achieve the much-coveted work-life balance that always seems to elude them at every turn. Having a stress-free working environment promotes greater productivity, consistency, efficiency, and even greater happiness and satisfaction at work. A smart documentation strategy is the way forward for every company.

Smart Documentation Features and Best Practices

A well-documented IT system will make your employees feel more resourceful, enhancing their sense of accomplishment. As a result, they will want to improve their skills and perform better.

Documentation practices are essential to improving productivity. If employees encounter a problem or need help completing a task, they only need to refer to the correct document and get their answers. There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time a problem arises.

Here are some features of IT documentation and how they can benefit your organization:

Automation: Digitizing paper-based documentation increases efficiency in many ways. With digital documentation, mundane and repetitive tasks, like creating reports or generating receipts, can be automated. The automation process also enables updates and changes to be made to a whole batch of documents with one click. It results in efficiency and time savings, and reduces the likelihood of human error. You can allocate more time to critical tasks and take more espresso breaks by leveraging documentation tools that harness AI and machine learning.

Centralize: Documentation tools aim to speed up and simplify work processes by making resources easily and readily available to whoever needs them. In the absence of a catalog, documents are harder to find, thus defeating the purpose of creating them for improved productivity. A crucial part of document creation is to ensure that documents are stored and systematically cataloged so that employees know how and where to access them.

Standardize: Documentation makes work easy and increases productivity significantly by standardizing formats and templates. These templates not only make document creation straightforward but also makes documents easier to read and comprehend. To run effective searches, it is also essential to standardize the naming format of files so that employees know what keywords to use.

Descriptive: Keep your writing descriptive, clear and jargon-free when creating documents. By doing so, people of all skill levels can easily comprehend them. In addition, plainly written documents can serve as valuable training material for new employees who can gain knowledge without bothering senior employees. After all, it is impossible to be productive while being interrupted.

Create Hierarchy: A documentation hierarchy is similar to a book’s table of contents. It indicates the location of each document and what category it resides in, just like a contents table. In a sense, a documentation hierarchy is a map of your digital documentation that helps you find and spot required documents. With the enormously vast increase of documents taking place with every passing day, it is necessary to have a proper location system in place.

Actively Manage or Revise: Documentation is not a passive process. Don’t make the mistake of doing it once and then forgetting about it later. It is necessary to update documents as and when technology and processes evolve.

Advantages of Smart Documentation

A reliable documentation system ensures that work can continue smoothly no matter who leaves or who needs training. In addition to reducing work hours and onboarding new employees, documentation practices have more benefits than you might think. Let’s take a look at the benefits of smart documentation.

Increased Efficiency: Documentation processes reduce document hunting and wastage of time so that employees can focus more on revenue-generating tasks.

Increased Productivity: Documentation simplifies processes and makes information more accessible. As a result, productivity increases.

Improves Consistency: Document creation becomes easier when naming protocols and writing styles are consistent. A centralized system ensures that all workers receive information about changes and updates.

Reduces Errors and Mistakes: When performing a repetitive task, even the most skilled professionals may make mistakes. They might miss a step and it could take them hours to realize their oversight. Following documentation best practices prevents this from happening. In addition to listing all task-related steps, documents can act as a helpful checklist, thereby reducing errors and omissions in the process.

Decreases Dependency: There may be 99 problems at work, but as long as documentation isn’t one of them, things will be fine. Documentation equips employees to solve problems beyond their capabilities. Robust documentation makes your entire team more knowledgeable, which means you won’t have to worry about your experts going on leave.

Seamless, Structured and Streamlined Operations: If you describe your company and culture as chaotic, then smart documentation could be the answer. Smart documentation is the first step in modernizing and digitizing your business. This pandemic has taught us to keep our tools and processes up to date and not shun new technology. A solid documentation framework like IT Glue can help your company operate more efficiently.

Improves Teamwork: Smart documentation tools make it easy to share documents with a team. As a result, everyone is always on the same page. The fact that all team members share the same information allows them to work simultaneously and more effectively.

Promotes Transparency: Work practices, such as onboarding of clients, are also affected by documentation. When the onboarding process is streamlined, a client or employee instantly feels trusted by the company and will be more likely to stick around.

All of these benefits make IT professionals feel more confident, empowered and motivated. The use of smart documentation even in remote or hybrid work environments helps IT technicians feel more resourceful and inclusive, which keeps their stress levels and anxiety low and keeps them motivated.

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