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March 13, 2024

What Is Intranet Software?


In today’s hybrid work world, where traditional organizational boundaries have expanded to include remote locations around the globe, intranet software has become an indispensable tool. As organizations strive to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration amid an ever-growing array of cyberthreats, intranet software provides them with much-needed cohesion and security. In this guide, we will provide […]

March 06, 2024

IT Operations Q1 2024 Product Update Webinar Summary

Bhagyashree A

IT Glue began with a singular mission and focus: to help IT professionals centralize and consolidate their IT information in one interconnected hub. This dedication stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by IT teams, which include navigating complex infrastructures, managing disparate data sources, and the constant demand for rapid, accurate and secure […]

MyGlue New Features | IT Glue
June 04, 2021

MyGlue New Features


As part of our development efforts, we’ve built some new security, collaboration and self-service features into the MyGlue roadmap. Here’s a glimpse of our latest additions and how you can get the most out of them.

Client Password Management | IT Glue
March 19, 2021

Client Password Management


Have you ever had a client say, “let me just pull up the spreadsheet with all the passwords”? Whether you have or not, no MSP should be letting that happen. Client password management should be right up there on your priority list.   Cybercriminals are on the prowl now more than ever. The FBI reported that […]

Feature Release: MyGlue Help Center | IT Glue
September 29, 2020

Feature Release: MyGlue Help Center


Sometimes when you build a product, the best use cases for that product only emerge long after the product has been released into the wild. This is the case with MyGlue. We imagined that MyGlue would steal password management market share from the Post-It Note, and it has, but when we talk to MSPs now about MyGlue, they rave about its value as a collaborative tool.

New MyGlue Mobile Features
March 02, 2020

New Features for MyGlue Mobile App


Our mobile team has added a number of different asset types to the MyGlue mobile app, so you can now view flexible assets, configurations and locations, on top of view and edit passwords.

IT Glue Academy MyGlue Deployment
September 14, 2019

New IT Glue Academy Course: MyGlue Deployment Guide


We’ve made an addition to the IT Glue Academy. Introducing the MyGlue Deployment Guide. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the platform.

MyGlue Default Permissions V2
August 14, 2019

Feature Release: MyGlue Default Permissions V2


Announcing a new feature for MyGlue, the 2.0 version of Default Permissions, with expanded flexibility in asset permissioning in MyGlue.

Feature Release MyGlue MFA
August 13, 2019

Feature Release: Account-Based MyGlue Multi-Factor Authentication


Announcing more control over MyGlue multi-factor authentication.

Announcing MyGlue default permissions
July 09, 2019

Feature Release: Default Permissions for MyGlue


Announcing default permissions for MyGlue. A user who creates a password in MyGlue is, by default, the only person with permission to view that password.