Unlocking the Power of MyGlue: A New Frontier for Internal IT Teams

BY IT GLUE | January 18, 2024

Exciting news for our valued users: MyGlue, once exclusively designed strictly for MSPs, is now also available for internal IT teams. Say hello to a new era of secure collaboration and streamlined internal communications with MyGlue’s evolution into a robust intranet platform.

Leveraging your IT Glue documentation for seamless end-user collaboration

Your existing IT Glue documentation now provides even greater return on investment with the addition of MyGlue. As an add-on for internal IT teams, MyGlue seamlessly integrates with IT Glue, allowing you to collaborate, share knowledge and utilize the same comprehensive IT documentation for company-wide collaboration. This not only promotes familiarity but also ensures increased adoption and utilization among your team members.

Discover the ease of being able to leverage your existing IT documentation to communicate with end users. By avoiding the use of separate tools, you steer clear of the risk of users going rogue with fragmented solutions. MyGlue becomes the internal, collaborative hub, bringing all your IT documentation under one roof.

Unified Intranet platform for cross-departmental collaboration

MyGlue is a unified platform for cross-departmental collaboration. Experience the convenience of securely sharing passwords managed in IT Glue within MyGlue, providing end users with secure access. It goes beyond passwords, fostering processes and knowledge sharing with documents and flexible assets from IT Glue that you have already carefully curated and continue to maintain.

With MyGlue, you can have an easy-to-use company directory with contacts directly from Microsoft 365, documenting company policies and sharing how-to guides seamlessly.


Empower end users to self-serve

One of the most exciting aspects of MyGlue is its ability to empower end users to self-serve. With streamlined access to critical IT information, such as passwords and how-to guides, anyone in your company can now resolve small IT issues independently. This not only saves time for IT professionals but also reduces back-and-forth communication, eliminating the need for constant shoulder tapping.

Secure company knowledge hub

Security is paramount in the world of IT, and MyGlue is designed with a laser focus on maintaining robust security measures. All the SOC 2 Type II compliance that IT Glue offers extends seamlessly to MyGlue. Your end users can access documentation with the same security frameworks, ensuring a secure environment for critical IT information.

With IT administrators retaining full control over access and permissions, MyGlue provides not only efficiency but also robust user controls and governance. Your internal IT team can confidently manage and secure the documentation your end users need without compromising on security standards.

MyGlue’s evolution into an intranet platform is a game changer for internal IT teams. Seamlessly integrate password management and collaboration within your existing IT Glue ecosystem, bringing unparalleled efficiency, security and familiarity. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this dynamic solution that takes IT Glue beyond the IT department, providing a holistic approach to communication, documentation and password management across your entire organization.

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