IT Operations Q1 2024 Product Update Webinar Summary

BY IT GLUE | March 06, 2024

IT Glue began with a singular mission and focus: to help IT professionals centralize and consolidate their IT information in one interconnected hub. This dedication stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by IT teams, which include navigating complex infrastructures, managing disparate data sources, and the constant demand for rapid, accurate and secure access to information.

Committed to this mission, we have been pioneering and setting the industry standard for how to manage IT documentation effectively. We leverage over 100+ integrations to bring in your critical information and an intelligence-driven framework and structure to help standardize your processes. All of this has been delivered on a platform that prioritizes security both from a platform perspective (SOC 2 Type II compliant) and a management perspective (with features such as password rotation, IP access control and Vault) to ensure your data in IT Glue remains completely secure.

IT Glue will always continue to improve upon and enhance its core functionalities to take IT documentation to the next level. The innovations and roadmap we shared on the IT Operations Q1 2024 Product Update webinar are a testament to that. 

Let’s take a look at what’s new on the IT Glue side. Meanwhile, you can also view the recording of the IT Operations Q1 2024 Product Update HERE. [Insert Webinar Recording Link]

By looking at industry needs and our customers’ feedback, we have identified the need to focus on innovation in these six categories:


Embracing the new industry trends of intelligence and automation is the key to working smarter — your tools should be able to handle a significant portion of the workload for you. Our latest updates focus on elevating intelligent, automated documentation to new heights by focusing on the three pillars of integration: intelligence, intelligent automation and actionable intelligence.

Integration intelligence

Over the years, we have been building a strong foundation for an intelligence hub by bringing in more and more information into IT Glue from your various tools and sources. We are moving to the next level by effectively leveraging all this consolidated information to automate workflows that will help your team in their day-to-day.

  • NOW LIVE! Datto SaaS Protection Integration: Auto-document Datto SaaS Protection details for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services directly in IT Glue for complete visibility and protection of your managed IT environments.
    • COMING SOON! Datto SaaS Protection User Insights: With this new addition, IT Glue users can effortlessly access and manage critical contact details related to Datto SaaS Protection directly within their IT Glue platform. This integration ensures that all essential information, including contact names, emails and phone numbers, is seamlessly synchronized, providing a centralized hub for comprehensive data protection documentation.
  • NOW LIVE! ADPassword Rotation Per Organization Scheduler: Those with a high level of compliance needs will be able to create unique rules defining rotation frequency and password complexity for each organization.
    • COMING SOON! Entra ID Password Rotation: Network Glue will let you set a schedule and rotate Entra ID passwords directly from IT Glue. ​Complimenting on-premises password rotation in IT Glue, you will no longer need to rely on third-party password rotation tools.
  • NOW LIVE! SNMPv3 in Network Glue: As cybersecurity threats become more advanced, compliance requirements get stricter for your clients or organization. As a result, SNMPv3 has gained popularity among network devices and information collectors, providing assurance that all your devices will be discovered.

Discover how to automate your IT documentation at scale with Network Glue. Visit this page to learn more.

Intelligent automation

When your entire tool stack intelligently integrates with IT Glue, you will have your foundation set up, and you will be ready for intelligent automation that will skyrocket your team’s productivity.

The “Glue” of IT Glue collates all information in a single pane of glass through related items, improving operational efficiency and empowering your team to achieve predictable results when gathering information for ticket resolution. While linking related assets still involves manual efforts, this is going to change in 2024 as IT Glue is actively working on putting this task on autopilot for you.

  • NOW LIVE! Datto Networking Integration: With the Datto Networking integration, you get real-time access to contextual hardware information alongside the rest of your documentation, allowing you to quickly identify the status of your hardware and troubleshoot any issues.
  • NOW LIVE! Introducing a brand-new category in IT documentation — Smart Relate: Get real-time information on related items through automated relationship mapping.
  • NOW LIVE! Datto Networking Access Points to Wireless Network: When you spin up a network, its Access Points will automatically get mapped to the Wireless Flexible asset inside IT Glue.
  • COMING SOON! Microsoft Users to Devices: Microsoft 365 Contact will be automatically related inside IT Glue to their respective Intune devices.

Actionable intelligence

Once you consolidate and have all of your documentation connected, your team will be ready to perform effectively on tickets, projects and support. On that front, good quality documentation will help you set up predictable processes and results on your team’s daily tasks. This is where IT Glue actionable intelligence comes into play by streamlining your team’s everyday tasks.

  • NOW LIVE! IT Glue Auto-Suggested Documentation in Autotask and BMS: With this feature, you can view IT Glue passwords and documents automatically suggested inside an Autotask or BMS ticket, allowing technicians to resolve issues more efficiently by having the information they need right at their fingertips.
  • NOW LIVE! IT Glue Checklists in Autotask Tickets: This seamless integration allows you to access and utilize checklists directly from Autotask tickets, ensuring that critical tasks are efficiently executed every single time. This feature provides a centralized and structured approach to task management, allowing your team to stay organized and focused, reducing the time spent resolving tickets and troubleshooting.
  • NOW LIVE! Datto RMM Web Remote Control and SNMP Data in IT Glue: Streamline your IT workflow with the enhanced IT Glue and Datto RMM integration. No more toggling between platforms — reduce ticket resolution times by accessing Datto RMM Web Remote and SNMP data directly within IT Glue. 


In an era where digital threats loom larger than ever, ensuring the security of sensitive information is not just an obligation but a necessity. Our latest updates underscore our unwavering commitment to security, introducing advanced measures designed to fortify data protection while ensuring that your documentation journey stays effective and seamless.

  • NOW LIVE! OTP Code – Copy Directly From Password List: With multifactor authentication (MFA) being increasingly leveraged all over the digital world, almost every shared password that your team uses will likely require a one-time password (OTP) code.​ Understanding the importance of OTP in your day-to-day work, we have launched a feature that allows you to copy an OTP code along with the password from the password list view. A more streamlined workflow with no more extra clicks.
  • NOW LIVE! SSO for Offline Mode: Offline mode now supports offline MFA as well as single sign-on (SSO) as an authentication mechanism, ensuring a standardized authentication process for both the IT Glue web app and the Offline Mode browser extension. ​Enjoy a simplified user experience with enhanced security.
  • COMING SOON! Password Complexity Selection: With this feature, you will be able to select a password complexity for password generation that is in line with your business requirements, including choosing the generated password type (e.g., passphrase), required character length and complexity.


We know that time is the most valuable asset for IT professionals, and that is why our latest updates are meticulously designed to optimize workflows and eliminate inefficiencies. These enhancements not only streamline processes but also empower IT teams to deliver superior service with greater speed and precision.

  • NOW LIVE! New Flexible Asset Templates for IT Departments in Education — Student Asset Inventory and Grant Tracking: This is a feature that can be incredibly beneficial for IT teams in educational institutions.​ We have designed two Flexible Asset templates that will guide them through the process of documentation and structuring, offering benefits such as efficient device management, optimized resource allocation, personalized onboarding and support, and future growth planning.
  • NOW LIVE! KaseyaOne SSO Auto-Provisioning: You can now automatically provision new technicians and other team members to seamlessly log in to any Kaseya module with a pre-defined role. You will no longer need to manually add new members to all the different tools in your stack one by one, wasting valuable time. 
  • COMING SOON! Asset Type Selection for Runbooks: We believe that IT Glue as a platform should adapt to your needs rather than you adapting to our documentation​. For instance, when generating runbooks, you might want some extra flexibility to exclude passwords or to add certain flexible internal asset types and contacts. Soon, you will be in full control of deciding what asset types should be part of your runbook, whether for scheduled or manual generation.​

Client collaboration

In IT Glue, you can take your customer relationships to the next level by leveraging MyGlue for day-to-day collaboration and myITprocess for assessing clients’ technology risks and conducting QBR meetings for guaranteed project approvals.

Day-to-day collaboration with MyGlue

When it comes to client collaboration, MyGlue can save the day. It offers your clients a secure and flexible password management solution, allows you to securely share (SOC 2 Type 2 compliant environment) passwords or any other IT documentation with your clients that you already manage inside IT Glue, and empowers self-service through the MyGlue Help Center. ​It is particularly essential in co-managed environments as it provides transparency and allows you to collaborate on the same information so that important data is not lost.​

MyGlue was first launched as a solution for MSPs, but due to increased demand and industry evolution, we have now made it available for internal IT as well. IT departments can now leverage MyGlue to seamlessly collaborate with their end users across their organization, creating a secure company knowledge hub.

Make your IT team’s collaboration with clients and end users efficient, seamless and secure using MyGlue. Visit this page to learn more.

IT strategic planning with myITprocess

myITprocess is a tool that will guide you through running QBRs effectively. ​No longer will you need to manage a separate file and consolidate your notes manually. You can create meetings with automatically generated agendas, take notes and decisions while presenting to a client, and then automatically send a PDF file on approved projects upon the meeting’s completion. ​With myITprocess QBR management capabilities, you save at least two hours per client when it comes to scheduling and meeting management. ​

  • NOW LIVE! Integrated Executive Summary: Consolidated reporting can transform your client presentations, save you time and ultimately, drive client satisfaction and business growth. With our latest feature, you can seamlessly include critical metrics from your core services and easily add these to your myITprocess presentations. Automatically include summary reports from Network Detective Pro, Autotask, Datto RMM and Datto Backup solutions in one pane directly in myITprocess, and easily present key stats of network risks, ticket resolution times and other insights on your service delivery performance. This feature will soon introduce summary reports from all IT Complete solutions, such as BMS, Graphus and more.
  • COMING SOON! Device Lifecycle Management: Device lifecycle management provides MSPs with real-time asset tracking and secure access to device details. This will eliminate the need for yet another tool to find device warranty information for your clients. This feature will support Dell, Lenovo, HP and Cisco devices.​

myITprocess empowers you to elevate client relationships with client-facing executive summaries, IT roadmaps and interactive QBR presentations. Visit this page to learn more.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)​

In today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, the M&A trend is skyrocketing, and we want to provide you with the right tools to ensure you can stay at the top of your game. The merging of two companies represents a significant and complex transition, with challenges in harmonizing disparate structures, technologies, processes and cultures. However, having all your documentation in one place will allow your team to serve your clients without dropping the ball.  ​

IT Glue offers two features that will significantly simplify documentation alignment and consolidation between two companies.

  • GlueConnect: GlueConnect helps you link two IT Glue accounts together so that a user from one account can easily access, use, edit and create information in the other account. This ensures your team can easily onboard and support newly acquired customers through M&A. It also allows your help desk to be productive immediately, even before the final migration of data to a unified PSA and RMM​​.
  • Leverage IT Glue’s cross-account migration service to automate the recompilation of already documented information from one account to another. This allows you to maintain all asset relationships like tags, related items and document folder structure so that you don’t have to spend time on relating assets and documents again post-acquisition.​ While this service was already available in North America, it is now available for our Australian and European data centers as well.

Predictable cash flow

When you’re running a business, it’s important to get paid quickly. ConnectBooster is the ideal solution to help you with that. Once you’ve provided your IT services, ConnectBooster helps you cut time, save money and offer customer transparency, all while ensuring predictable cash flow. We’re excited to announce some new features that will make the whole process even easier:

  • NOW LIVE! ConnectBooster Integrated Service Ticketing in Autotask and BMS: Receive important ConnectBooster notifications on Autotask or BMS service boards.
  • NOW LIVE! Single Sign-On to ConnectBooster directly through your preferred SSO Provider. This is enabled via KaseyaOne. 
  • NOW LIVE! Quebecois French Language Support: ConnectBooster partners and customers in Quebec can now experience their ConnectBooster portal in Quebecois French. 
  • COMING SOON! UK Direct Debit Support (BACS): In addition to supporting credit card payments, ConnectBooster now supports direct debit, or BACS in UK. 
  • COMING SOON! Credit Card Fee Adjustments Exception: You can strategically decide which clients should be exempt from credit card surcharges.

Enjoy streamlined and optimized financial operations, a solid cash flow foundation and unparalleled peace of mind with ConnectBooster. Visit this page to learn more.

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