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BY IT GLUE | June 09, 2020

Stay at home orders and social distancing policies are really not conducive to building collaborative environments.

Establishing channels for information to flow smoothly has never been more vital, and technology has proven to be an effective bridge for the gap. Whether the information flowing is in the form of documents, video streams or support tickets, the continued flow of information needs a functional channel for this to happen. Your organization might use Zoom for meetings, Slack for instant messaging, and Outlook for mass communication, but how are you connecting with clients?

Here are 3 ways MyGlue is the perfect solution.

Share Documentation

So, you want to send documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), easy troubleshooting steps, or maybe even reports elaborating on the state of the client’s IT infrastructure. Sending these through email ensures they’ll get lost, and other web-based office platforms for storing documents have been described as “a black hole where documents are uploaded and then die.”

MyGlue makes things easy. Clients can reference SOPs and other documentation you’ve created in IT Glue, enabling the client to take the initial troubleshooting steps. If a document is updated on your end, those changes will automatically be reflected on the client side. This means that the most up-to-date information is always being used, reinforces your MSPs value, and demonstrates that you won’t hold their data hostage.

Work Together

MyGlue establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between your MSP and a client. 2-way syncing ensures updates to IT infrastructure documentation can be made by either the client or your MSP. This is especially useful if you’re co-managing an IT environment with a client’s internal IT contact, but also if you just want your main point of contact (such as the office manager or CFO) to always have the latest information about their IT infrastructure.

MyGlue functions as a portal and resource for clients to work with your MSP. It also supports the continuity of your MSP and your client’s business if someone from either team leaves the company. Information is saved and easily retrieved, and the latest information can be easily accessed by both your client and your MSP.

Password Management

Remote work has become commonplace, and when employees aren’t working within secured work environments, it’s even more important to enforce security best practices. Sharing passwords through Slack or email just doesn’t cut it anymore. MyGlue offers the same ironclad security measures of IT Glue, ensuring passwords are securely stored, accessed and shared.

MyGlue’s password management features have expanded since its release. With the Chrome Extension and MyGlue mobile app, accessing passwords when you need them is streamlined. Our latest feature release, Password Folder Security, means that both your MSP and your clients can create folders for passwords, and define permissions for who has access to the passwords in the folder. Permissions for a folder will cascade down to individual passwords. If a new password is added to the folder it automatically adopts the permissions set for the folder. This can be done at the end user level or your MSP can collaborate on password management. Organizing passwords based on specific functions, roles, teams or people is now as easy as ever. We’ve even added host-proof hosting and SSO for MyGlue, to boost password security even further.

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