Top 10 IT Glue Features You Need to Immediately Start Using in 2023

BY IT GLUE | January 10, 2023

Start 2023 the right way! There is no better time to freshen up your documentation and set yourself up for another successful year. Check out this blog to get a glimpse of the top IT Glue features you must start using right away.

IT Glue Vault

It’s time to boost password security by enabling IT Glue Vault. This feature allows you to set a user-specific passphrase to access the passwords stored inside the Vault. Nobody else can see your IT Glue Vault passwords since the only person who knows the user-specific passphrase is you.

IP Access Control

With sophisticated threats to data increasing exponentially, limiting access by isolating threats is a great way to boost data security.

IP Access Control allows you to limit IT Glue access to a specified list of IP addresses or a range of IP addresses. Once you have entered the specified IP addresses, requests from an IP address list outside the allowed list or range will be denied. You can also add notes beside each listed IP address or range of IP addresses.

Workflow (Password Workflows)

Workflows are your alerting sensors in IT Glue. When managing passwords stored in IT Glue, you can set up various workflow triggers based on the actions taken by the user, such as adding a password, updating a password, etc. For instance, if you wish to receive a notification whenever someone accesses sensitive passwords in your system, you can set up a workflow trigger for password access and specify the list of people who must be notified.

Business Personal Passwords

You can store your business personal passwords in IT Glue. In the passwords section, you can find both “shared” and “personal” tabs that give you a list of all the personal passwords you’ve stored in the system. The business personal passwords here are accessible only to you, and you can find the “only me” security option checked in the security section. Both shared and business personal passwords can be accessed and auto-filled with your browser extension.

Checklists and Checklist Templates

Checklists are a great way to manage and ensure accountability for your repeat projects. IT Glue has many out-of-the-box checklist templates to help you manage your critical tasks. For instance, you can find templates for onboarding/offboarding your technicians, deploying new workstations and more.

You can tag people to individual steps to hold them accountable for completing that step. You can also create templates or edit any existing steps as per your requirements. A new feature we introduced last year was the ability to specify checklists for a particular client. This helps you keep certain templates available only to specific parties instead of making them global.


Runbooks allows you to generate professionally formatted documentation packages in PDF format. Most importantly, you can also access structured information in IT Glue offline. With this feature, you can create runbooks for individual, multiple or all clients simultaneously. You can gain greater visibility into various assets and the relationships among them.

Microsoft Integrations (Microsoft 365, Intune and Active Directory)

IT Glue comes with a robust integration of Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft 365, Intune, Active Directory and Azure AD. Automate and consolidate cloud, hybrid and on-prem multitenant user information from Azure AD, Active Directory and Microsoft 365 into one pane. For instance, you can view all your Microsoft 365 licenses, the accounts of these licenses and the number of active, consumed and unused seats per license. Additionally, you can also easily view the last login and last password change from Active Directory.

With the Intune integration, you can complete your device information in IT Glue for a consolidated view of your managed, unmanaged and mobile devices in a single pane.

Automated Account Backup

With Automated Account Backup, you can automatically export your account data and ensure the availability of an up-to-date, recent backup in case of an emergency. This will ensure that your information will always be accessible.

MyGlue Help Center

The MyGlue Help Center serves as a knowledge base for your clients, and you can use it to manage the “help” articles you’ve already put together. If your clients face any minor issues, they can check out these knowledge articles and find a solution before reaching out to you for help. In the IT Glue platform, you can view, edit, update or change access for any articles in the MyGlue Help Center. Your clients can become self-sufficient when dealing with minor issues, and you can reduce your overall ticket count.


If you want to outsource some of your service desk functions, you can grant your third-party provider access to your data in IT Glue with GlueConnect. This allows them to be as productive as your in-house team, providing significant opportunities to grow your business. It is also the
most secure and efficient way to bring documentation from different accounts together. In addition, during M&As, rather than converging multiple PSAs, RMMs and IT Glue instances, MSPs can link multiple IT Glue accounts and cross-support all customers right away.

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