Feature Release: IT Glue IP Access Control, API Endpoint for Activity Logs and myITchecklist™

BY IT GLUE | October 18, 2021

MSPs hold a lot of sensitive information about their clients’ IT infrastructure. At IT Glue, we take information security seriously and invest heavily in it. If you don’t already know, IT Glue is the only SOC 2 Type II-compliant documentation tool designed with IT professionals in mind, and comes with features like multifactor authentication, SSO, user permissions and many others designed to protect user data.

With the focus on information security, we are excited to announce the launch of three new features — IP Access Control, API Endpoint for Activity Logs and myITchecklist — to add an extra layer of protection to your valuable data.

IP Access Control

IP Access Control allows you to limit IT Glue access to a specified list of IP addresses or a range of IP addresses. Once you have entered the specified IP addresses, any requests from an IP address list outside the allowed list or range will be denied. You can also add notes beside each listed IP address or range of IP addresses.

In this day and age, with sophisticated threats to data increasing exponentially, limiting access by isolating threats is a great way to boost data security. It is easy to activate and provides a lot of flexibility in terms of adding and removing IP addresses to the control system. Most importantly, it accurately restricts login attempts from suspicious sources on the internet. This, along with other IT Glue security controls, effectively fortifies and safeguards your valuable data.

API Endpoint for Activity Logs

With API Endpoint for Activity Logs, the IT Glue activity logs can be automatically pushed to your preferred Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution so you can unify activity logs from many applications into one place. The centralization of activity logs provides visibility across your infrastructure, and SIEM tools can do analysis to provide real-time and historical threat analysis.

myITchecklist™ – Security Checklist Template

myITchecklist™ is an out-of-the-box checklist in IT Glue that IT professionals can deploy and utilize without the need for an advanced IT team to build out business processes.

We have already launched a series of myITchecklists™ that were based on TruMethods’ industry-approved framework and processes earlier this year, and we are excited to launch some additional ones around security.

Think of the security measures that safeguard your valuable data as analogous to the defensive wall of a castle. There are many defensive controls, such as tall towers, battlements, arrow slits and many more, to protect your castle. It’s the same with security controls. But how do you know if you are doing everything you can to protect your sensitive data?

That’s why we have created a series of security default checklists and checklist templates to ensure you have a step-by-step guide that will help you adhere to the best practices for securing IT Glue, your documentation and passwords.

  1. Secure IT Glue checklist: Outlines the security features in IT Glue that you should enable and set up, and reviews them on an annual basis to protect the sensitive data stored inside IT Glue.
  2. Secure Documentation and Passwords – Best Practices checklist: Lists out the best practices that your organization should adhere to in order to protect your sensitive IT documentation and passwords to ensure business continuity.
  3. Incident response checklist: A step-by-step framework that ensures preparedness to mitigate and recover from any cybersecurity-related incidents including responsibility and training, detection and identification, containment, remediation, recovery, and analysis and assessment.

With these security checklists, you no longer have to worry about whether you have enabled the right controls in your system.

At IT Glue, we are constantly re-evaluating our security features to keep up the fight against modern threats. With the launch of these two innovations, we reaffirm our commitment to security and data privacy.

Learn more about IT Glue’s commitment to security from our IT Glue Security Whitepaper.

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