Q2 Product Recap

BY IT GLUE | July 03, 2018

Our second quarter has come to an end, but what an awesome quarter we had! Not only has our Development team been hard at work with a variety of feature releases and integrations, but we want to thank so many of our partners for their feature suggestions.

At IT Glue, we pride ourselves on consistently updating our product to meet the needs of so many of our partners. Your suggestions and votes go a long way towards contributing to our features, and we’re excited to see what is in store in the near future. For now though, let’s take a look at our Q2 product recap:


Our newest feature, Checklists, was created to dramatically enhance how you document your processes by ensuring all of your information is always complete. Checklists allows users to create lists of action items, known as Tasks, within an organization and then assign them to specific team members. No longer do you have to manage the completeness of your documentation yourself – leave that to Checklists. David Cote has written about the Checklists feature, highlighting some sweet use cases.

Per-Group Asset Type Security

In the spirit of driving efficiency, we built Asset Type Security to allow administrators to set security by asset type. With this feature, account administrators can customize security access on a more sophisticated level by setting group permissions and restrictions for each asset type in IT Glue – including flexible assets.

Refreshed List Views

Over the past couple months we’ve been rolling out changes to improve the list views across your account, allowing you to get more done, in less time. Our Organizations screen went through an entirely new design, which enabled you to view important details that were not there before. For example, you no longer have to click into an organization to see the corresponding alerts.

Quick Search Asset Preview

We know time waste is one of the biggest problems you face, which is where Quick Search Asset Preview came in. As if Quick Search wasn’t fast enough, Asset Preview allows you to view not only a list of your assets, but the preview of what that asset entails just by rolling your cursor over it. In case you haven’t already, make sure to check out Asset Preview for the Chrome Extension as well.

API Updates

Our API underwent a wide variety of updates over the past couple months including adding passwords to our API, API delete, Related Items, user resource accesses, and attachments. At this point, automation is no longer a “nice to have”, but instead is necessary for your MSP’s success. That’s why we’re ensuring our API provides you with the utmost flexibility to automate your documentation and save you a ton of time.


Last but far from least, during our second quarter we announced several exciting integrations with Kaseya BMS (2-way sync), Watchman Monitoring, and Kaseya Vorex. These integrations work to increase the flexibility many IT Glue users require when working with their multiple platforms, alongside continuing to enhance your documentation through automation.

Our partners have also made some fantastic contributions that make IT Glue better. Amazing work from Upstream in Sweden on integrating Office 365, for example.

As we enter into the third quarter, we would love to hear more from our partners about what you’re looking for in our product. We already have a variety of features in the pipeline that are sure to cause some hype in the coming months, and we look forward to sharing these with you.

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