Feature Release: API Updates

BY IT GLUE | March 28, 2018

The more flexibility you have to properly manage your information, the more efficient your performance will be. That’s why taking advantage of our API is so powerful – Documentation Automation saves you time on repeated processes by allowing you to build out integrations for software we don’t currently have a native integration with. In the past few weeks, we’ve made some updates to our API that you should know about, as they will increase the level of flexibility and customization in how you manage your documentation.

API for Passwords

Entering one password into IT Glue doesn’t take too long, but what about entering hundreds? This is where our API for passwords comes in and saves you from far too much wasted time. Before, you would have had to manually enter your passwords into IT Glue from wherever they were originally stored. For several passwords, this isn’t a big deal, but we know we’re talking about much more than that. Syncing two-ways will also allow you to back-up the passwords you’ve stored in IT Glue.

API Delete

With the API delete, users with an API Key now have the ability to delete for supported asset endpoints such as configurations, contacts, locations, domains, SSL certificates, and organizations. For these, if you build an integration with our API you’ll be getting a two-way sync. Instead of having to take the time to delete information in individual locations, you can now delete that information in one location and have it automatically updated in the other. By using this feature, you will reduce not only the time spent deleting individual pieces of information but also the clutter of unnecessary data.

As always, we invite you to spend time in the IT Glue Knowledge Base, where we keep you up to date on product updates like these. To get started with IT Glue API, please see the our introduction to API update. To find out more about how IT Glue’s API can help you automate your documentation, click below.

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IT Glue is a platform for IT documentation and automation. Using IT Glue, you can organize your documentation in a standardized manner, so that all mission critical information is at your fingertips. With our open RESTful API, partners can automate many routine processes, and build integrations that we may not currently offer.

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