Feature Release: Documentation Automation

BY IT GLUE | November 09, 2017

We’re putting the power in your hands. IT Glue™ is set to take your documentation to amazing new places with the release of our Documentation Automation feature. Our RESTful API enables partners on our current Enterprise plan to interact with their IT Glue data programmatically. The new feature opens the API for both core and flexible assets. 

The possibilities are truly endless. Here’s just a few examples of things you can do to get you started:

  • Automate your documentation by using PowerShell, Bash, or other scripting languages to collect data from anywhere and write it programmatically into IT Glue
  • Create or modify Flexible Asset types
  • Share template scripts with other IT Glue users via the IT Glue GitHub
  • Quickly deploy an entire Flexible Asset structure
  • Automate the creation or modification of Flexible Asset records using your own set of tools and scripts
  • Leverage scripts within your RMM or other management platforms to put your documentation on autopilot
  • Audit your Flexible Asset revision history to see how your data is changing over time

This is just the starting point. With Documentation Automation, you can be as creative as you want with respect to structuring and automating your documentation.

Documentation Automation is available to any partner on our current Enterprise plan.

To find out more about IT Glue, or the Enterprise plan, click here:

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