IT Glue is now integrated with Vorex, Kaseya’s business management software, with PSA functionality. The Vorex integration is a 1-way sync that will allow the flow of documentation between Vorex and IT Glue.

This integration will allow Vorex users to automate much more of their documentation. Since many Vorex users also use Kaseya VSA for remote monitoring and management, this integration will bring more of their documentation into the IT Glue ecosystem, and allow them to improve their level of automation.

To find out more about setting up Vorex integration with IT Glue, please reference the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

If you’re a Vorex customer, and you want to learn more about how IT Glue’s documentation platform can make your IT service business more efficient, we recommend you take a look at the features IT Glue offers to help you leverage the power of documentation.

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