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BY IT GLUE | June 04, 2018

Note: “Quick Search” is now called “Search”.

Suppose you need the login credentials for your vendor’s website. You leave the PSA you’re currently working in, and log in to IT Glue to search for the information. You then toggle back and forth from IT Glue to your vendor’s website to paste the credentials.

What if it was easier than that?

We recently released Asset Preview for our Quick Search feature, offering not only a list of your assets with the click of a key, but also providing a preview of what the asset entails before clicking in to it. Now, we’ve made Asset Preview available for the Chrome Extension, meaning you get the same functionality that you had in-app, but now you can access it from any page. Things really can be a whole lot easier.

So what exactly does the Chrome Extension offer? Once downloaded, you can access Quick Search Asset Preview without having to leave the page you’re viewing. If you’re working in your PSA, or on your vendor’s web page, you don’t need to toggle back and forth to IT Glue to access the information that’s stored there. This simplifies the steps it takes to find and use information, allowing you to enhance your flexibility and reduce wasted time.


If you haven’t taken advantage of Chrome Extension – what are you waiting for? While we’re excited about using Asset Preview with the Chrome Extension, the possibilities are not limited to just this feature. You can also create passwords with the Chrome Extension, eliminating the need to be in the web app to do this. If you’re signing in to multiple sites throughout your day, this is the tool for you.

For more on getting started with Quick Search Asset Preview, don’t forget to access our Knowledge Base. If it’s the Chrome Extension you’re looking for, you can download it here.

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