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BY IT GLUE | January 29, 2018

Note: “Quick Search” is now called “Search”.

Sometimes all it takes is a little nugget of an idea… in this case at our most recent Hack Day, Senior Front-End Developer Yingshen Chen hatched the idea to make it easier to jump to other organizations in IT Glue. This led the Product team down the path that ultimately led to the Quick Search feature. And yes, one of the things you can do with Quick Search is quickly jump to other organizations. But it’s so much more than that.

Quick Search is a collection of keyboard shortcuts that streamline the search process. Some highlights of the functionality that Quick Search provides:

  • Press “Q” from any screen and the quick search box will appear in the middle of the screen
  • We’ve added a number of shortcuts. Type “Alt + /” to see jump to other organizations
  • Search within a specific asset type
  • Navigate and open search results in a new tab
  • For the full list of shortcuts, bookmark the Knowledge Base article, or of course press “Alt + / “

All told, we’ve found since we’ve been testing it in-house that the Quick Search is saving us a lot of time.

But let’s face it – this a feature you’ll want to play with. So we’ll let you get to it. You can access our handy knowledge base article here.

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