Note: “Quick Search” is now called “Search”.

Our recent Global MSP Benchmark Survey indicates that MSPs spend approximately 2 hours searching for information per day. To you, that’s a whole lot of wasted time. But to us, that’s an opportunity to make your processes more efficient. That’s why we’ve added Asset Preview to our Quick Search feature.

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for a specific password, only to click in and realize you’ve selected the wrong one, we get the frustration. With Quick Search Asset Preview, not only will a list of your assets appear, but rolling your cursor over the asset will provide a preview of what that asset entails. From this preview, you can grab the information you need without ever having to leave the page you’re on. Don’t forget – this isn’t just for passwords. Currently available for passwords, configurations, locations, contacts and flexible assets. We are working to get all asset types added to this feature, so look out for that.

You’ll see the feature when you use Quick Search. If you’re not familiar with the Quick Search functionality yet, get the details here.

Ultimately, use Quick Search Asset Preview to maximize your team’s efficiency in finding information, and save time while doing it.

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