IT Glue’s Product Update Webinar Recap

BY IT GLUE | October 31, 2018

It’s been a busy several months here at IT Glue. Then again, when is it not? Today our VP, Product, Luis Giraldo, hosted our Product Update webinar, and took a dive into our latest features and integrations, alongside how you can leverage these to get the most out of your IT Glue experience. If you’re not an IT Glue partner yet, or happened to miss the webinar, I’m here to recap what’s been going on at IT Glue over the past little while.

SSL Custom Branding

To kick things off, during the webinar we introduced one of our most asked for features, SSL Custom Branding. Being able to securely share access to your public documents using your own SSL-enabled URL plays a key role in reinforcing your brand value and showcasing what you do for your clients. You can get the full details on this awesome feature here.


Are you leveraging automation in your MSP? If you’re not yet, you should be. When automation becomes a central part of how your MSP conducts business, you not only reduce time waste but set yourself up for greater scalability.

Office 365
We launched several exciting and highly-anticipated integrations at our first user conference held this past September. One of our most asked for integrations was Office 365. With this integration, users can sync and view Office 365 tenants, users, and users’ mailboxes usage data directly in IT Glue.

We’ve also just recently added the ability to sync licenses as well. Meaning you can track active, consumed, and unused licenses all within IT Glue.

Cisco’s Meraki is the first-ever network device integration we’ve released. This integration allows network, computer, and mobile device inventory information to be directly synced into IT Glue, saving your team a ton of time.

Continuum Help Desk
During the Continuum Navigate conference, Continuum’s VP of Product, Fielder Hiss, announced the new IT Glue and Continuum Help Desk integration. While the integration is currently available for select partners, the general availability date will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

Business Processes

Can your processes be more efficient? More streamlined? The answer is always, yes. Automation is one way to do this, but to help with your other business processes we’ve designed a few key features to bring this efficiency to life. Take a look.

Accountability drives efficiency, and using Checklists is one way to ensure this is taking place in your MSP. Does everyone on your team complete the same task, the same way? Probably not. Checklists allow you to decide on the most efficient way of completing a task and then ensure that everyone is completing it the same way. With this in place, tasks become more streamlined and have fewer errors.

We have an awesome amount of resources available for you to learn more and get started with Checklists. Consider starting with these:

We’ve also launched Flags for documents, an exciting feature that helps you track business process stages, and streamline document creation and management approval processes. We’ve added a ton of functionality to this feature, including making it available with Workflows and Quick Search. To learn more, check out the following:

Chrome Extension
If you’re not taking advantage of our Chrome Extension, what are you waiting for? Once you’ve installed the Chrome Extension, you can literally just press Q from any webpage and then proceed to search and preview configurations, contacts, locations, passwords, and documents from IT Glue, without ever leaving the page you’re on. Recently, we updated our Chrome Extension to include shared session.

We’ve also started something really cool with our Chrome Extension and Kaseya BMS. If you’re using Kaseya BMS, all you have to do is just press Q to automatically access relevant data in IT Glue.

GlueFiles is an awesome new feature allowing you to upload, store, and preview supported file types directly within the IT Glue document list view. The first part of GlueFiles, File Preview, is available, along with the second part, File Import into List View!

IT Glue Academy
How well are you using IT Glue? Could you be using it better? The IT Glue Academy is equipped with courses and a certification to ensure that you’re equipped to get the most out of your IT Glue experience. If you haven’t already, get started today.

Bulk Actions
This July we began our Bulk Actions features with Bulk Move, and since then have added Bulk Delete in September. The next to join the Bulk Actions family will be the highly-anticipated Bulk Security, so stay tuned for details! Ultimately, these features provide you with an easy way to speed up manual tasks, without having to perform actions on individual assets.

IT Glue Mobile App
We know how important mobile functionality is, not only for the average day, but also in the case of emergencies. That’s why we’ve added Configurations and Flexible Assets to the mobile app as well. We’re not stopping here, either. We will be continuing to update the mobile app to provide you with increased functionality.

Well, that’s a wrap for now! However, if you’re interested in continuing to learn about some of these business processes features and how they can benefit you, we have an awesome on-demand webinar for you.

Yes, I want to watch the Improving Business Processes webinar!

IT Glue™ is a proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team. With so much of your business productivity lost each day in search of vital information, let IT Glue secure this information and start Freeing Minds™.

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