Feature Release: GlueFiles

BY IT GLUE | September 18, 2018

One of the biggest announcements at GlueCon is a new feature that we’re calling GlueFiles. What’s GlueFiles? It enables you and your team to easily upload, store, and preview supported files securely and centrally all within IT Glue. Sound pretty great? That’s because it is.

Part One: File Preview

The first part of GlueFiles has just been released, and allows you to preview supported attachments from within IT Glue. You’ll be able to preview attachments within assets from within the browser without having to download and then opening locally.

By not having to download and open the attachment, you’ll save time. Instead, you can view the file via the preview pane. Furthermore, because you’re viewing the attachment in the preview pane, you don’t have to open new tabs, or be taken away from the tab in which you were working. What’s more is that the attachment preview works even if you don’t have the right software to download it. So even if you don’t have office, you can preview a Word or Visio file.

To learn more, head on over to the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

Part Two: File Import into List View

The next component of GlueFiles, is the inclusion of file uploads in Documents list view within organizations. With this, users can centrally store any file to maximize productivity. In addition, you can relate individual files to any other IT Glue asset, so you can have all information at your fingertips. This streamlines the process of document importation because you no longer need to create a separate IT Glue document to hold a Word or Visio doc (or one of several other files types). Moreover, you no longer need to convert Word or Visio docs into IT Glue documents, streamlining your documentation processes. Leveraging the @relate feature you’ll be able to relate an uploaded document to multiple assets in IT Glue much more easily than before. These files will be previewed as well, if a supported file type.

GlueFiles gif

Lastly, with GlueFiles, you can easily and securely store and share files between IT Glue and MyGlue users to reduce email clutter.

Don’t forget, this is just the beginning. Over time we expect to continue to build out GlueFiles, adding and improving features along the way, to not only allow you to easily document more, but to document more easily.

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