Introducing the IT Glue Academy

BY IT GLUE | September 18, 2018

Welcome to the IT Glue Academy! We are proud to be able to present your own self-guided learning system for IT Glue. This special project has been the result of a lot of hard work on the part of our Partner Success team as part of their dedication to your success. So what exactly is the IT Glue Academy? Let’s take a look.

Self-Guided Learning

The IT Glue Academy is designed to be one of the cornerstones of your successful partnership with IT Glue. In conjunction with the Live Sessions, Live Webinars and Knowledge Base, we provide a variety of resources to help you learn more about all the wonderful things you can do in IT Glue. The Academy offers a slightly different learning style, the ability to learn at your own pace in a self-guided format. After you’ve completed the courses, you’ll be able to take an exam and upon passing become an IT Glue Certified Professional – User Level 1.

Who Can Use it?

The IT Glue Academy is designed for all users of IT Glue, except Lite users. Administrators can use it to brush up on some of the foundational aspects of IT Glue. New administrators or managers can use the IT Glue Academy to get a better understanding of the platform prior to data migration. Furthermore, new users of all levels (except Lite) can use the Academy to get better acquainted with the different features and functions of our industry standard documentation platform.

What Makes IT Glue Academy Different?

The Academy is a complement to the Knowledge Base. Where the KB focuses on how to perform various individual functions within IT Glue, the Academy focuses on thought leadership, and linking different functions together to provide a richer IT Glue experience. By linking concepts together, you’ll be able to maximize the benefit that you get from IT Glue, truly unlocking the platform’s power.

Course Descriptions

At launch, there are four courses. The first is Getting Started with IT Glue, an introductory-level course that walks you through the basic navigation, terminology and functions of the IT Glue documentation platform.

The second course is Documenting Apps and Services, which introduces you to one of the most powerful features of IT Glue – flexible assets. This course will highlight the concept of the flexible asset, several use cases, and then take you through some common examples of creating flexible assets, to showcase this feature’s capabilities.

The third course is on Understanding Integrations. This course walks you through some of the integrations that are critical to getting the most out of IT Glue, and covers the steps involved in setting up and managing your integrations.

The fourth course is on Establishing a Culture of Documentation. A documentation culture is essential to maintaining a high standard of documentation even beyond that initial honeymoon phase when you first build out the documentation in IT Glue. This module will show you how to influence cultural change in your team with regards to documentation.

Existing partners can access the IT Glue Academy from the profile drop down in-app.

Access IT Glue Academy

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