Feature Release: Bulk Delete

BY IT GLUE | September 13, 2018

How much of your documentation is outdated? We know, things change. Certain SOPs won’t stay the same forever, but as your collection of outdated assets grows, it takes time out of your busy day to delete them. We can help.

We recently kick-started our multistage Bulk Actions release with Bulk Move. This week, we’re excited to be continuing these releases with Bulk Delete. Here’s what you need to know.

Bulk Delete is available on all IT Glue plans, including MyGlue, and with accessibility available for editors and above. With Bulk Delete, users can select multiple assets, including configurations, checklists, contacts, documents, domains, locations, passwords, and SSL certificates, and can bulk delete with just one click.

Why do we love Bulk Delete?

First of all, how much do you love mundane tasks? Yeah, we’re not always huge fans either. No longer having to manually delete multiple assets one by one is a big win for anybody who wants to get things done efficiently. Consider the amount of outdated assets you may have for an organization, such as configurations or SOPs. Using Bulk Delete will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up your information, and allow you to focus on other, more pressing tasks.

If you’re worried about deleting large amounts of outdated documentation at once, don’t be. You can restore deleted assets individually if you accidentally nuke something you didn’t want to.

As always, we have an awesome article in our Knowledge Base to walk you through the process of Bulk Delete. Stay tuned for more Bulk Actions coming your way soon!

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