Announcing the Official Office 365 Integration

BY IT GLUE | September 18, 2018

One of our coolest, and most requested, integrations is now live! IT Glue is proud to announce that we are now integrated with one of the MSP world’s most-deployed applications ever, Office 365. Almost all of you deploy 365, and now you’ll be able to sync tenant, user and user mailbox usage information from Office 365 back into IT Glue with ease.

Office 365 credentials

With this integration, not only does it improves visibility by having all Office 365 tenant information easily accessible, it provides detailed Office 365 usage information across all tenants to help optimize reporting and utilization, all from within IT Glue.

How does this work?

In IT Glue, if you’re at the Manager level or above, you’ll be able to run a manual sync of any asset you’re currently viewing, as well as compare data between IT Glue and Office 365.

Choose data no licences

Our Office 365 integration has also been updated to allow you to sync O365 tenant licences to IT Glue as flexible assets. As well, you have the ability to tag a contact if a license is used.

Given the large number of Office 365 users a typical MSP has, there is little doubt that this integration will provide an immense amount of value for your organization. Up until now, most of you were probably entering this data manually or toggling between IT Glue and Office 365 tenant accounts to find information, so this new integration will generate immediate time savings.

Given that, let’s skip straight to setting up the integration, which you can do by following the steps that have been laid out in our Knowledge Base. Update: We have added licenses to this integration. There is a separate Knowledge Base article that explains how to set licenses up for integration into IT Glue.

Office 365 integration counts as a data source, and is available immediately on all plans.

To learn more about how IT Glue can help streamline your documentation, take a quick look at a demo:

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