Feature Release: Chrome Extension and Web App Shared Session

BY IT GLUE | September 04, 2018

Great news!

IT Glue has activated shared session between the web app and the Chrome Extension. Now, when you log into one, you are automatically logged into the other. One less login = good times.

Basically, shared session means that when you log into the web app, and you already have the IT Glue Chrome Extension on your browser, you’ll be able to start taking advantage of all the benefits of the Chrome Extension right away.

Just Press ‘Q’

With the Chrome Extension installed, simply press Q from any web page in order to activate the IT Glue search bar. Scrolling through assets brings up the preview panel, and you can click into that panel, or just get the information you need. A dummy non-tech example I use all the time is looking up the hex code for IT Glue’s purple. Press ‘Q’, type in hex, highlight the code, ctrl+c and hit esc. I don’t have to ask anybody, and I don’t have to click away from whatever I’m working on in order to get the hex code.


For those not familiar, one of the biggest benefits of the Chrome Extension is the way it stores and remembers passwords. These passwords, stored in IT Glue, are activated when you arrive at a webpage for which you have a stored password. The password field is automatically populated, meaning that there’s no risk of shoulder-surfers eyeballing passwords they’re not supposed to see. The shared session makes all of this happen without even having to log into the Chrome Extension.

Download the Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome Store (of course) and can be downloaded here:

Chrome Extension Web Store

If you haven’t installed the Chrome Extension yet, we highly recommend it. We’ve added a ton of functionality since it was launched. Partners can read about it in our Knowledge Base.

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