Feature Release: Custom SSL Branding

BY IT GLUE | October 31, 2018

This is a big one – IT Glue announces Custom SSL Branding. One of our most requested features, Custom SSL Branding, allows for MSPs to share public documents with their clients securely. Let’s take a look at the particulars.

Custom SSL

IT Glue has long had an interface branding feature, meaning you can put your logo on the documentation that you share with your clients. Now, to this, custom SSL is added. The links that you share will not have “itglue” in the domain, but your own SSL-enabled URL instead. This has substantial benefits in terms of branding. The SSL certificate for your custom URL is automatically issued, managed and renewed by IT Glue.

Build Brand Trust and Engagement

Two basic facts. One, churn is evil. According to the Global MSP Benchmark Report, MSPs with poor customer retention tend to have a hard time sustaining any sort of growth momentum. Reducing churn is one of the most direct ways to increase top line growth.

Two, branding matters for retention. Being able to securely share access to your public documents, such as SOPs, knowledge base articles, and others, using your own SSL-enabled URL instead of sending it through email or dropping the files into a dropbox plays a key role in reinforcing your brand value and showcasing what you do for your clients.

With Custom SSL Branding, the secure public documents you share with your clients are instantly recognizable by your clients as work you’ve done for them.

How to Deploy

Full instructions on how to deploy Custom SSL Branding can be found in the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

Custom SSL Branding is available to IT Glue partners on the Enterprise plan. Most IT Glue partners are already Enterprise subscribers, but if you’re not, then this is a great time to update. Not only have we recently introduced integrations with Office 365 and Meraki, but we’ve also got some promotions running right now to help you get on Enterprise. If you’re an admin or manager in IT Glue, you can self serve in-app by going to Account >> Plan.

If you’re new to IT Glue, and just want to check it out, we highly recommend you view a quick demo that explains who we are and how we help MSPs dramatically reduce time waste.

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