GlueX Day Two Recap

BY IT GLUE | September 17, 2019

The last day of the GlueX conference was overflowing with amazing content. I’ll try and give you a recap that captures everything, but to really understand what a success GlueX was, you just had to be there.

The day kicked off with a bang. Wake up alarms went off early but it was totally worth getting out of bed. First up, the IT Glue Product Update. IT Glue’s Senior Product Manager, Jamie Kandola, and Product Marketing Manager, Wendy Har, announced big new features that are available to you now, plus a look at what’s to come. Here are the highlights:

IT Glue introduced Password Folders within IT Glue and MyGlue, a new feature that makes organizing passwords a cinch. Another notable introduction was the integration between IT Glue and Quickpass, which makes updating Active Directory passwords significantly faster and easier.

You may also have heard that the following also went live earlier this month:

Also, keep an eye out for these features coming down the pipeline!

  • Dark Mode, which gives you the ability to change the look of the IT Glue interface to use black and charcoal shades. You’ll be able to set visual themes at the user level, too.
  • “Ports” and “Connected To” structured fields
  • MyGlue Single Sign On
  • Integration with ID Agent’s Dark Web ID
  • New workflows for password expiration, and checklists
  • The ability for Network Glue to automatically pull network information into the new “Ports” and “Connected To” structured fields, and the ability to modify network diagrams

The buzz following the Product Update presentation set the tone for the rest of the day. One amazing session was followed by another, offering attendees an a la carte menu of insights and information geared towards optimizing the way their MSP works and making revenue grow. Interested in planning an exit strategy and increase the valuation of your MSP? Wondering what the new opportunities in the channel are? Looking to acquire the best talent and create a culture that propels your MSP? Scratching your head as to how to establish a sales and marketing plan that works for you? GlueX brought the industry heavy hitters to tell you all about it.

Not even an hour for lunch could be spared. A selection of lucky attendees got to join IT Glue’s General Manager, Nadir Merchant, and Senior Product Manager, Jamie Kandola for lunch during which they gave an exclusive look at IT Glues long-term roadmap.

The day wouldn’t be complete without world-class keynote speakers, which included founder & CEO of Service Leadership, Paul Dippell, a seasoned professional in the channel who reached into his years of experience to provide unique insight into how to deliver next gen service efficiency, maximize profit, and deliver exceptional customer service.

The second keynote of the day was Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, whose harrowing story was immortalized on the silver screen, and has been profiled by the likes of ABC News and the Guardian. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger talked about how his experience of single handedly steering a situation away from catastrophe and ultimately saving the lives of 155 people onboard Flight 1549, can be used in your everyday lives to lead teams to success.

Of course, no conference would be complete without a wrap party to rival the iconic New York nights at Studio 54. We’re told that Glue Palooza hit the mark and was a night to remember.

See you next year!

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