Supercharge Your Network Documentation: Using Network Glue and Network Detective Together

BY IT GLUE | August 01, 2019

Documenting individual devices on your clients’ networks can take up a lot of time, not to mention documenting all the applications and services that have been installed on those devices. At IT Glue, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier. If you’re looking for a combination of tools that work together to supercharge your network visibility, we have the perfect solution. By using Network Glue and Network Detective together, you’ll be able to automate more of your network management tasks, saving you a lot of time compared with doing it the hard, manual way.

Hot on the heels of the exciting release of Network Glue (our new automatic network documentation tool), we announced that RapidFire Tools had built an integration between their popular Network Detective Reporter appliance and IT Glue. With this integration, Network Glue and Network Detective bridge the gap between documentation and diagnostics. Both of these releases complement each other to grant you an unbeatable level of network visibility. So how do they differ and why do they work so well together? We’re going to break it down for you.

Network Glue
Network Glue automatically detects and maps out all devices on a client’s networks, including (but not limited to) printers, routers, and switches. Network Glue then creates a comprehensive network diagram allowing you to easily visualize the network and troubleshoot issues with accurate, up-to-date information. With Network Glue, you can be sure that your network administrators have a complete birds-eye view of each network, without blindspots.

Network Detective
Many of you are already using Network Detective by RapidFire Tools to perform IT assessments for onboarding new clients, or as a sales tool. It provides an independent review of your clients’ network health, and may uncover issues that they are unaware of, highlighting not just security risks but the severity of those security risks. In doing so, the assessment creates potential sales opportunities for you to ensure you’re helping your clients bring their network up to par.

Network Detective Reporter Integration
We partnered with Rapid Fire Tools to create an integration that uses our API – to automate the manual documentation of applications and services – also known as Flexible assets – in IT Glue. The Network Detective Reporter integration pulls in the network assessment information into IT Glue as structured Flexible Assets. This includes things like applications, SQL servers, service configurations, and active directory. Not only that, everything is automatically related, making it easier for you to find anything. For example, a Virtual Machine Configuration is automatically related to the following Flexible Assets: AD Computer, Hyper-V Guest, License Key, Missing Windows Patch, Network Share, and Web Server.

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Bringing all of it together
Network Glue specializes in the documentation of network devices, and in the production of an up-to-date network diagram.

Network Detective’s network and security assessment component specializes in providing you with a detailed overview of your clients’ network as well as security vulnerabilities.

The Network Detective & Reporter integration automates the applications and services documentation in IT Glue as Flexible Assets.

Putting all of the above together will give you have truly comprehensive visibility into your clients’ networks – all automatically updated as well.

Supercharge Network Visibility

The best way to supercharge your network documentation is to get both of these tools working for you at once. Drop us a line and we’ll let you know the best way to do that.

To sign up for Network Glue, just fill out the form on the Network Glue site and one of our reps will contact you in order to go over your options.

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