Feature Release: Barcodes and Attachments in the Mobile App

BY IT GLUE | September 06, 2019

Given how much more flexibility you get with a phone compared to a desktop, it only stands to reason that the IT Glue mobile app should take full advantage of those mobile native capabilities. We’ve added three new features to mobile that do just that.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is one of the things a phone can do that a laptop or desktop cannot, so we decided that our mobile app should give you the ability to scan barcodes. Simply go into the IT Glue mobile app and tap the scan button on top of the menu bar. This will open up your camera within the mobile app and allow you to take a picture of the barcode, and immediately bring up the associated IT Glue Configuration.

With this feature your on-site tech can very quickly identify the machine in question, and start fixing the problem more quickly than would have been possible by typing in a serial number. No more fumbling of the fingers when trying to manually enter barcodes at a client’s site!



Add Images as Attachments

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, if you’re trying to document the layout of a client’s office, a server room, or anything else on-site, that’s probably worth more than a thousand. Getting this information visually documented is powerful, and your on-site tech can now get it documented instantly by taking pictures on their mobile phones while on site, and then uploading them to IT Glue through the mobile app. It can be used to show an unusually complex set-up in an office, or simply to show the front door of a client whose office is impossible to find—this feature can be used to bring clarity in any number of ways that works for your MSP. With over 170 votes, this is by far the #1 requested idea for mobile app enhancements.



View Attachments

Not only can you upload images as attachments, but you can also view a list of linked attachments as well. Long gone are the days of having to open up the IT Glue web app to view attachments. Even if your tech is on site and has to take a call from another client, they can remotely pull up attachments that provide the information necessary to immediately walk the client through troubleshooting a simple problem.

Commitment to Native Functionality

As cool as these features are, what they represent is also something we should talk about. Our engineering team is committed to leveraging the unique functionality of smartphones to add value for your on-site techs. If you haven’t played with it for a while, I think you’ll be pretty happy with just how much more we’ve packed into our mobile app this past year. At this point, it’s an essential tool for anybody who works on site. Download it ASAP. We promise you’ll love it.

The app is available for both Apple and Android and if you haven’t downloaded it already, we highly recommend it.


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