Feature Release: Password Folders

BY IT GLUE | September 16, 2019

For centuries (I mean, probably, right?), the file folder has been used to keep the minutiae of human existence organized and accessible. This trusted solution, which has passed the test of time, will now bestow its simple yet effective features to passwords in IT Glue!

Not only does this allow you to effectively group and classify passwords, you can also create copies of folders, and keep your password list view tidy by dragging and dropping passwords into your password folders. 

This new feature visually declutters how passwords are presented, and you gain the ability to navigate through passwords with ease. Finding what you’re looking for no longer feels like a game of hide and seek. To learn more about how password folders works, please visit the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

It gets better, too. Password folders is the first of several enhancements we’re planning for our passwords feature. There are some simple truths when it comes to password management. One, is that if you don’t do password management, you’re insane. The other simple truth is that when you look at all the best practices around password management—long complex passwords, password rotation, and so on—you realize that we all have 100+ passwords, and there is basically zero chance anybody will remember all of them. This is where the best practices of password management break down, and this is where vulnerabilities emerge that criminals exploit.

So we’re taking the human part out of the equation by building a password manager so robust that best practice standards are met, without creating vulnerabilities. Password folders is just the first part of this.

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