New IT Glue Academy Course: MyGlue Deployment Guide

BY IT GLUE | September 14, 2019

Great news about the IT Glue Academy! We’ve broadened the IT Glue Academy curriculum so you can narrow any knowledge gaps you may have. To that end, we’re introducing a new course, the MyGlue Deployment Guide. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to effectively sell, deploy, and provide ongoing support to clients. We’ve designed this course in the IT Glue Academy to support you every step of the way.

I know that you understand the benefits of MyGlue, but sometimes it can be a challenge to convey this to a client in a way that makes sense to them. This course will eliminate any confusion about the differences between IT Glue and MyGlue, and how they work in tandem to provide exceptional value to clients.

Your clients are each unique, and luckily MyGlue accommodates each client’s unique mix of traits. Whether it’s password management, internal documentation, structured documentation, network collaboration, or self-service, the MyGlue Deployment Guide helps you determine which value proposition to zone in on when pitching MyGlue to a specific client.

Once a client is on board and eager to have MyGlue in their tool-belt, the Guide will also give you all the details to make this happen, including how to purchase MyGlue seat packs, configure new accounts, provision groups, share data back to IT Glue, train clients, and more.

Existing partners can access the IT Glue Academy from the profile drop down menu in the IT Glue application. Don’t have MyGlue? Click below to learn more.

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MyGlue is a password vault that hosts your clients’ passwords, their proprietary documentation and more. Based on the IT Glue framework, MyGlue helps you become a trusted security advisor. Simple. Smart. Secure.

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