Feature Release: Auto-Update AD Password

BY IT GLUE | September 17, 2019

Are passwords the bane of your existence? Well your life is about to get an upgrade because now Active Directory password updates are automatically documented in IT Glue, powered by Quickpass. The power of complete documentation in IT Glue now works in tandem with the exceptional password management that Quickpass provides.

Without an easy way of managing the service and admin passwords, service desk employees typically set passwords to never expire, a decision that makes sense when considering the immense burden of manually updating multiple passwords, but an action that significantly degrades the standard of security.

With this new integration, password resets happen through a central Quickpass admin console, and all changes are automatically updated in IT Glue. Contrast this with having to log into every service you manage for each client and update passwords manually before updating this information in IT Glue to ensure your documentation is current. It’s not hard to see why this is so cool.

The integration works first by syncing your IT Glue Organizations to Quickpass, allowing seamless and easy onboarding of clients. You then have the option to match your Active Directory passwords stored in IT Glue to the passwords in Quickpass. After the syncing is set up, you simply log into Quickpass where all clients and their passwords will be displayed, and you have the ability to reset all of them simultaneously and have this information automatically update in IT Glue. To set this up, follow these directions.

Say goodbye to password induced headaches and enjoy pain-free peace of mind. Oh, and the best part? This is just the beginning, as we’ll be rolling out several password enhancements over the next couple of months.

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