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Feature Release: Folder Permissions

Our Dev team just keeps doing it. Today’s new feature release is Folder Permissions, which refines how account administrators manage who can see what in IT Glue™.

This feature is another of the enhancements we are working on that seeks to make the IT Glue experience better for our users, in this case, giving them more control over access to information that resides in IT Glue.

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IT Glue Hack Day 2.0

What happens when you get great minds together, with a little time pressure and fun? Well, fun is a core value at IT Glue™, and with that in mind on April 6th, IT Glue held the second of its quarterly Hack Days.

Following up on the success of last year’s Ship It! Day, we ran another Hack Day, getting four teams together to cut loose and express their creativity. The company’s developers and designers got together to roll up their sleeves, and create.

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Service Desk: Tips for Hiring and Onboarding New Techs

Is there anything better, or worse, growing a business? Growth is awesome, we all know that, but it definitely comes with challenges, like finding great tech talent and getting that talent to the point where it is legitimately functional. That’s a process that can take weeks, if not months, at a lot of companies. In the meantime, growth can be constrained.

If you’re taking too long to find, hire and onboard the talent you need, you’re probably leaving money on the table on the growth side. But there are things you can do, not only to shorten the hiring cycle, but also get better results as well.

In the first two parts of our service desk series, we looked at the ways the service desk contributes to profit and how to handle after-hours support. In this post, we will examine the process of hiring and onboarding top talent for your service desk.

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Topics: Operations

Service Desk:  How to Handle After Hours Support

When your best client texts you in the middle of the night with a crisis, you know you’re going to respond. Same thing if your RMM pings you. It's not fun, but this is the life you chose. But there’s no reason why offering round-the-clock support needs to be painful, for you or for your clients. Your service desk exists to eliminate such pain points for your customers, but 24/7 coverage is a problem for a lot of MSPs, even larger ones.

In the previous installment of the service desk series, we looked at how your service desk contributes to profit, and part of that is having a desk with few weaknesses. But what about overnight and weekend service? Let’s take a look at the issue of handling after hours support.

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IT Glue 2017 Q1 Wrap-Up

Spring is in swing and that means it’s time for our Q1 wrap-up. It’s been another quarter of rapid growth here at IT Glue™, and with that growth has come a lot of amazing developments, including a sweet new video “Jason’s Demise” and, as you’ve come to expect, a lot of new features.

So with no further delay, we’ll recap the quarter that was and look forward to Q2.

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Webinar: RapidFire Tools Talks Winning New Clients with IT Assessments

Join IT Glue™ and RapidFire Tools for an amazing webinar on the Top 10 Ways to Use IT Assessments to Win New Clients. 

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4 Ways the Service Desk Contributes to Profit

It’s intuitive, really. The service desk is where much of an MSP's resources are used, in particular the human resources. It’s the main, everyday point of contact for your customers. So it only stands to reason that the service desk is a critical contributor to profit at an MSP.

We talk about time waste a lot, but it’s not just that. In the first of our four-part series on the service desk, we explore quite a few different ways that your service desk contributes to your bottom line.

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Topics: Operations

Webinar: IT Glue and TruMethods on MSP Packaging and Pricing Strategies for Increasing Profitability

IT Glue™ and TruMethods are co-hosting a webinar you won’t want to miss!

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IT Glue Announces SOC 2 Compliance

Big news today: IT Glue is now SOC 2 compliant. SOC 2 compliance means that third party auditors have verified that IT Glue follows best practices with respect to security in terms of both infrastructure and process. Not only is this extra security for MSPs and their clients, but it might help open up new markets for a lot of MSPs as well.

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The Paperless Office has Arrived

For years, the paperless office has been like the sasquatch. You’d hear about it and read about it, but nobody had actually seen one. One day, as four members of the GlueCrew struggled with the task of loading paper into the office’s only printer, it occurred to me that IT Glue is a paperless office. We have no filing cabinets. One printer. No photocopier. Fax machine? May as well have a mimeograph at that point. We have achieved the mythical, magical paperless office. It’s beautiful.

Chances are your business is still buried in paper - printers, copiers, filing cabinets, and of course those cardboard boxes filling entire storage rooms. But there's a very good reason we've cut out paper. Let me explain.

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