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MSP Best Practices: Towards a Standardized Stack

At IT Glue™, we’re committed to helping you run the best MSP possible. It’s our mission. We come from an MSP background and of course we talk to MSPs all day, every day. One of the things that comes up in terms of improving efficiency is the technology stack. We are big proponents of the standardized stack, but we also know that it can be difficult to achieve this goal. Here’s some helpful tips.

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Topics: Operations

Feature Release: Word Doc Importer

IT Glue™ is excited to announce the release of support for bulk importing Word documents. This solves a major pain point with respect to data migration. We know a lot of you have SOPs in Word, so we're hoping this solves from problems for you.

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Topics: Feature Release

IT Glue Announces RMM Integrations with Atera, Panorama9

IT Glue™ is pleased to announce two new RMM integrations, with Atera and Panorama9. Getting these two RMMs on board is an excellent opportunity for their clients to learn about IT Glue's documentation platform. 

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Topics: Integration

MSP Documentation: How IT Glue Does Procedural Documentation

At IT Glue™, we are committed to making sure that your company gets the most out of our documentation platform. We have automated a lot of integrations to speed up the flow of data between your other apps and IT Glue, and with our public API and our soon-to-be-release Word document importer, we want to continue giving you more options for easy importation of data. But we also have designed our product to help you document non-IT assets, and to that end, it might be best to show you how we do it ourselves.

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Where's the GlueCrew? 2017 Edition

It's well into 2017, and event season has begun. Time for the road warriors of the GlueCrew to hit the tarmac. If you’re curious about what IT Glue™ is all about, or if you're already a partner and just want to say hi, come by and visit IT Glue at these locations in the first half of 2017.

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Topics: Events

MSP Documentation: Creating Great Process Diagrams

You understand the value of documentation. That’s why you’re reading this. You know that documenting assets and processes is an important step towards building a more efficient, scalable business. But you also know that documentation is like anything else -- the better it is, the more useful it is. The good news is that creating excellent documentation is easy. We've already discussed writing great process documents. Now we’re going to talk about creating great process diagrams.

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Topics: Best Practices

IT Glue Moves to Per-User, Per-Month Pricing

Today, IT Glue™ is excited to announce our new pricing models. One of the things we hear a lot from our partners is that companies of any size want to be able to choose from any plan.

So, effective February 1st, 2017, we have introduced a new pricing structure that will allow partners to get the features they want, regardless of their size. No more paying for users you don’t need. No more paying for features you don’t want. Just simple, per-user pricing.

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Topics: Announcements

MSP Security: Are Certifications Worth It?

Given the buzz about security being the next big opportunity for MSPs, it only makes sense to look at how an MSP can position itself to take advantage of this opportunity. We have written in our series on MSP security about the size of the opportunity, and Incrementa’s Mike Knapp contributed his views on five easy ways to bolster your security practice.

Let's not forget that there is also the question of certifications. Specifically, are certifications a worthwhile investment?

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Topics: Best Practices

IT Glue and NinjaMSP: Eliminating Complexity for the MSP webinar

How much time are you wasting looking for information? The easiest way to simplify your business is to get all of your information in one place. NinjaMSP and IT Glue™ are hosting an amazing webinar that show you how to reduce waste in your MSP.

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Webinar: IT Glue and Tigerpaw - Eliminating Complexity

According to a study carried out by IDC, "wasted time costs $19,732 per information worker per year, a loss of 21.3% in the organization’s total productivity.” All companies need to make the best use of their resources and find ways to reduce waste.

How can MSPs build a sustainable infrastructure in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment?

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