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May 14, 2024

Transforming Education: Smart IT Asset Management for Schools & Colleges

Bhagyashree A

The digital revolution in education has transformed how teaching and learning are approached, making technology not just an enabler but a necessity. Educational institutions have been progressively integrating sophisticated IT systems and tools to cater to the dynamic needs of modern educators and learners.

April 17, 2024

How to Streamline IT Operations in Educational Institutions

Bhagyashree A

Managing IT operations within educational institutions not only presents a set of unique challenges but also opportunities for significant improvement and innovation. From dealing with resource constraints, like limited budgets and staffing shortages, to addressing the critical issue of cybersecurity, the hurdles are substantial. In this post, we’ll delve into the common pain points of […]

April 02, 2024

SharePoint vs. IT Glue: The True Cost of IT Documentation

Bhagyashree A

Efficient IT documentation is essential, now more than ever, as digital infrastructure has become critical for business success. The reliance on technology means keeping up with an overwhelming amount of documents — a task that becomes particularly challenging with general-purpose tools like Microsoft SharePoint. Although SharePoint has its strengths across various business areas, it doesn’t […]

IT Glue Global MME Benchmark Survey Results | IT Glue
November 21, 2022

IT Glue Global MME Benchmark Survey Results


From information security to automation, IT organizations across the world face an increasingly complex technological landscape. The way IT leaders respond to this complexity plays a critical role in helping you overcome these challenges and stand out in a competitive environment. Our analysis compares organizations of different sizes, considering their annual revenue as a proxy […]

Creating Order From Chaos With IT Documentation | IT Glue
July 22, 2022

Creating Order From Chaos With IT Documentation


If you think documentation isn’t your cup of tea, think again. In this blog, we explore how to create order from chaos with IT Documentation.

What Is IT Documentation? | IT Glue
July 18, 2022

What Is IT Documentation?


In this blog, let’s take a look at how we can solve this wastage problem for your IT team by taking a closer look at IT documentation.

IT Documentation How to Do More With Less | IT Glue
May 02, 2022

IT Documentation: How to Do More With Less


The life of an IT manager is tough. Besides the daily tasks of IT tickets and asset tracking, you also have to deal with the constant threat of cybersecurity issues, training new technicians, managing data operations and more. If you are dealing with multiple locations or integrating an acquired company, your everyday life could be even more hectic.

Guarantee Service Consistency With IT Glue Checklists | IT Glue
April 07, 2022

Guarantee Service Consistency With IT Glue Checklists


Checklists are a core part of IT documentation since they simplify any task irrespective of size. By clearly outlining steps on how a procedure or task should be performed from start to finish, checklists enable organizations to provide consistent service across the board.

Our new Checklists enhancements make it simple for IT professionals to manage repeatable processes by leveraging standardization across all organizations while giving the flexibility to customize based on organization-specific unique requirements.

How IT Documentation Can Help With a Smooth M&A Process | IT Glue
March 31, 2022

How IT Documentation Can Help With a Smooth M&A Process


Bringing together two organizations with different cultures, people and IT systems is not an easy task by any means. However, mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are inevitable in the tech industry since they help companies expand their business, enter new markets, augment their portfolio and assets, and more. Proper documentation plays a critical role in simplifying the complicated nature of M&As in both the pre- and post-acquisition phases.

In this blog, we’ll explore how IT documentation can help ensure a smooth merger between two organizations.

Software Documentation: All You Need to Know | IT Glue
September 21, 2021

Software Documentation: All You Need to Know


In this blog, we’ll discuss the different aspects of software documentation and how you can make the most out of it to benefit your organization.